Leprechaun’s Green Gold Cocktail Recipe

Leprechauns Green Gold Irish Whiskey Cocktail

This Irish Whiskey based cocktail is going to be the easiest cocktail you’ve ever made to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. With a mere touch of Creme de Menthe to turn your golden colored whiskey green without overpowering the flavor, you can festively enjoy fine whiskey. Any Irish Whiskey you choose will be more than suitable …

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Behind the Mustache at Eva’s Brickhouse

Behind the Mustache Evas Brickhouse featured

“Who are you looking for?” Was shouted at me the very first time I met Kent McKinley, owner of Eva’s Brickhouse. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, completely unbuttoned, khaki shorts, and barefoot, my eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous broken capillaries on his nose and thick wild mustache. His skin glistened on the verge of …

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Puerto Vallarta – From Healthy Eating to Vegan

puerto vallarta vegan restaurants

Traveling to unfamiliar cultural regions with vegan or specific dietary restrictions can be very intimidating, even more so when exacerbated by a potential language barrier. While I am not a vegan, I am an infrequent meat eater. I thought it would be a fun game to see what challenges I would face in trying to …

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Finding the Best Coffee in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Exploring the Best Coffee Shops and Cafes

As a coffee connoisseur and fanatic, finding the best coffee in Puerto Vallarta during my adventures was quite high on the priority list. The city and surrounding areas had no shortage of coffee to choose from. I wanted to not only explore the coffees available and roasted nearby, but learn about the local coffee culture …

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Exploring Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

balsamic vinegar obsession

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is steeped in rich culture and history. Balsamic Vinegar  is thick. Syrupy. Sweet and tart – but certainly not sour. Aged like wine. Balsamic vinegar is this magical substance which coats your palette and envelops your senses of smell and taste with delight.

Neapolitan Style Margherita Pizza Recipe

Neapolitan Style Margherita Pizza featured

The methods to making a delicious Neapolitan style Margherita pizza comes from a time-honored craft in Italy. A true Neapolitan pizza is held to a high standard of rules, orally transmitted by Neapolitan’s generations of pizza-makers, from fathers to sons. Ingredients must only be sourced from Campania regions of Italy. As a firm believer of …

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Equipment For Cold Brew Coffee Depending on room available in your living space or fridge, you may want anywhere from half a gallon to several gallon jars for your cold brew coffee. Glass is going to be the safest, in terms of dishwasher safe, no chemical leeching, and safe for both hot and cold liquids. Stainless …

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Moroccan Chicken Tagine Recipe

moroccan chicken tagine cooked and garnished

Moroccan Chicken Tagine is a cool weather recipe which warms the heart and fills the kitchen with deep aromas of exotic spice and nostalgic memories of a time when creating a dish took an entire afternoon, each step an art form unto itself. While this recipe won’t take an entire afternoon, it does require a …

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Celebrating World Fair Trade Day – Fair for Farmers

world fair trade day featured

Beginning in 2001, World Fair Trade Day began with the goal of connecting dedicated fair trade brands with consumers. A dedicated fair trade company goes beyond using fair trade ingredients – the entire supply chain is fair trade, from top to bottom. The fair trade business model supports small-scale farmer movements, takes stances on global politics, …

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