The Main Reasons Why Your Tap Water Might Not Be Safe To Drink

The main reasons why your tap water might not be safe to drink

Tap water may not be safe to drink and there are reasons for this. Tap water is just as likely to have contaminants, such as lead and other harmful chemicals. Many of these contaminants can pose serious health risks- from cancer to brain damage. See the 6 main reasons why your tap water might not …

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5 Simple De-Stressing Solutions

Simple de-stressing solutions

I’m a sensitive person. Small annoyances, nervousness, or even slight discomfort can easily awaken the anxiety monster within me, crouched and ready to wreak havoc. While I have immediate methods of de-stressing during panic attacks, I’ve learned to integrate some simpler calming rituals into my daily routine for life’s little everyday stressors. Here are some …

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A Collection of Reputable Information about COVID-19 Vaccines

Collection of reputable information about covid-19 vaccines

This is a collection of vetted and reputable articles regarding COVID-19 vaccine information. No hyperbole. No fluff. Only well-researched work. Latest News Articles How Moderna designed the Coronavirus vaccine in 2 days – November 26, 2020 Susie Neilson, Andrew Dunn, and Aria Bendixfrom Business Insider detail the story of Moderna rapidly creating a COVID-19 vaccine …

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OTC Allergy Relief: My Go-To Medicines

Bee collecting pollen, a major allergen

Allergy season never used to affect me. Sometime in my mid-twenties, I began to steadily be effected more and more by pollen, weeds, trees, grass, flowers, etc. With a strong love of the outdoors, I began my research for the best OTC allergy relief out there. Giant disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do …

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Improve Your Posture With These Simple Workouts

Posture improvement skeleton

Face Pulls They’re great for building up the rear delts, traps, rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles, and are one of the very best exercises for treating and preventing an extremely common problem that a very large percentage of serious lifters face: internal rotation of the shoulder joint. Otherwise known as “rounded shoulders” or “forward shoulder …

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