Orange Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe

range Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe drink

This Orange Creamsicle cocktail is a delicious summer drink, balanced between hints of vanilla-orange with a touch of alcohol. If you want to treat yourself to a delicious desert without overwhelming sweet notes, this just might become a new favorite of yours. In reviewing other variations around the web, many seemed too sweet or had …

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Hugo Cocktail Recipe

hugo cocktail recipe

The Hugo Cocktail is one of my go-to spritzer cocktails for warm weather days. The champagne balanced out a slight hint of citrus with the sweetness of the elderflower liqueur. Champagne, sparkling wine, and prosecco are all appropriate ingredients to make the Hugo Cocktail shine. If you let the lime rest in the drink, the …

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Massey Cocktail Recipe

massey cocktail recipe

The Massey Cocktail is a spectacular homage to the traditions of Irish Whiskey while incorporating modern craft cocktail techniques. Sophisticated and layered for the connoisseur of fine drinks, you’ll find yourself delighted and amazed after making your first one. Created by Portland bartender Jacob Grier as a tribute to his Irish grandmother, the cocktail brings …

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Irish Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Irish Fizz Cocktail Recipe

The Irish Fizz Cocktail takes on your classic Fizz and brings some Irish ingredients into play. Perfect for those cocktail lovers of lemony acidic flavors. Fizz cocktail variations have been around since 1875. Main types are either made with carbonated water to cause the fizz, or egg white, as this Irish Fizz was made. In …

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Jewel Cocktail Recipe

jewel cocktail recipe

The Jewel Cocktail combines and unlikely trio of ingredients to make an incredibly delicious tasting beverage. Green Chartreuse, Dry Gin, and Italian Vermouth bring into play a medium-dry, fast working cocktail. Ok, I have to admit, I’d never consider these ingredients together. Several polled cocktail aficionado friends seemed skeptical. However, a common consensus is this …

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Union Jack Cocktail Recipe

union jack cocktail recipe featured

The Union Jack cocktail, a layered drink, will certainly impress your British friends. Created for style and color, the herbaceous and sweet liqueurs mix as you gently tilt the glass and sip. This is a cocktail made for beauty, not function. The taste is average, with the more adventuresome finding it “interesting.” No matter your …

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Yellow Parrot Cocktail Recipe

Yellow Parrot Cocktail Recipe 1 Strong on the absinthe and anise flavors, this is a herbal cocktail which will invigorate an appetite. Sweet and smooth with a long finish.

Strong on the absinthe and anise flavors, this is a herbal cocktail which will invigorate an appetite. Sweet and smooth with a long finish. Pin this recipe!

Self-Starter Cocktail Recipe

self starter cocktail recipe

The Self-Starter Cocktail is tiny in proportions, as it doesn’t need much to give you the push for an excellent drink. Full of French influence, from the Lillet Blanc to Abinsinthe, Apricot Brandy, and a bit of British gin to round it out. A light spring or summertime cocktail, refreshing and easy to sip as …

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Leap Year Cocktail Recipe

leap year cocktail recipe feature

The Leap Year Cocktail Recipe was popular for celebrations and proposals at the Savoy Hotel, where it was invented by Harry Craddock on February 29th, 1928. Deliciously citrusy with notes of orange and lemon coming through over a splash of gin across the palate. This cocktail is worthy of a New Year’s celebration every year, …

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Yodel Cocktail Recipe

yodel cocktail recipe

The Yodel cocktail is perfect for the cocktail imbiber who wants more of an adult mimosa. However, you’re going to already want to be a Fernet-Branca fan before you indulge in one of these. For the uninitiated, Fernet-Branca is a very herbal and bitter tasting amaro liqueur. Made of 27 herbs in a very secret …

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