Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe

Pornstar martini pouring champgne

Deliciously provocative, the Pornstar Martini cocktail will surprise you with its extraordinarily balanced passion fruit cocktail with aromatics of tropical fruit and vanilla with a hint of lime that is sure to please. But don’t let the name fool you. I guarantee you won’t feel a single ounce of guilt after taking a sip of …

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Peruvian Anticuchos Recipe (Grilled Skewers)

Peruvian anticuchos recipe featured

Anticuchos are a traditional Peruvian dish consisting of skewered and grilled meats, typically made with non-offal or cheaper cuts of meat, including beef heart. Variations can also include other meats such as chicken or pork. The meat is marinated in vinegar and a blend of spices including cumin, ají pepper, and garlic, before being skewered …

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Sunflower Beet Bruschetta Recipe

Sunflower beet brushetta finished

This Sunflower Beet Bruschetta recipe is a perfect summer party appetizer. This colorful, healthy take on the classic bruschetta is easy and fast to make. The key to a scrumptious bruschetta is to use high quality ingredients, such as organic cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, made by America Tohkin. This finger food is usually one of the first things completely devoured …

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Spicy Elf Cocktail Recipe

Spicy elf cocktail recipe

The Spicy Elf is a delightfully complex holiday cocktail that balances homemade cranberry spice syrup with rye whiskey. This spirit-forward beverage blends warm-weather spices clove and cardamom with bright notes of cranberry and orange. Spiced Cranberry Syrup This spiced cranberry-orange syrup is great to have around during the holidays because you can put a festive …

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Braised Sauerkraut and Sausage Recipe

Braised sauerkraut and sausage recipe

A classic German Christmas dish and fit for cold weather, this braised sauerkraut and sausage recipe includes bacon and apple for a very flavorful and hearty dish. In addition to being one of the ingredients, pair with a glass of Riesling wine. Pin this recipe! Looking for a some lighter fare for your next meal? …

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Christmas Campari Sour Cocktail Recipe

Christmas campari sour cocktail recipe

The Christmas Campari Sour is a cocktail is a festive play on the traditional Campari Sour for the holidays. Bright, silky, and refreshing, this is a lower alcohol apéritif that will make you want to carol with joy. To make this cocktail more fit for the holiday season, I omitted the traditional use of grapefruit …

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Chartreuse Swizzle Holiday Edition Cocktail Recipe

Chartreuse swizzle holiday edition cocktail recipe

This holiday version of the Chartreuse Swizzle cocktail delivers the same classic pineapple essence with a holiday flare. The chartreuse swizzle is normally a cool and sophisticated summer beverage. In lieu of the tiki look, I’ve made a few festive garnish modifications to give those winter wonderland vibes.

Santa’s Flip Cocktail Recipe

Santa's flip cocktail recipe

Santa’s Flip is a riff on the Porto Flip cocktail by the influential American bartender, Jerry Thomas. I’ve updated this smooth and cozy cocktail to include nutmeg, amaretto, and coffee liqueur. This is the perfect after-dinner Christmas cocktail for Santa as he leaves some gifts under the tree. A Bit About Jerry Thomas Jerry Thomas …

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Batched Orange Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Batched orange manhattan cocktail

The Batched Orange Manhattan is crafted for those who crave a little more orange zest in their life, and perhaps some chocolate too. The pumpkin-colored cocktail is made with Woodford Bourbon, Nonino Amaro, Grand Marnier, and orange bitters and is recommended to pair with bites of dark chocolate. After copious amounts of testing, the group …

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The Perfect Copycat Chipotle Chicken Recipe

Copycat chipotle chicken recipe

After reviewing dozens of copycat Chipotle Chicken recipes and comparing notes with previous Chipotle employees, I’ve created the most accurate Chipotle Chicken recipe for you to recreate at home. Many other Chipotle copycat recipes are missing key ingredients or cooking techniques. This recipe is the closest you’ll get to the real thing! Ingredients Serves: 2 …

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