Midnight Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Midnight manhattan cocktail recipe 1 the midnight manhattan cocktail takes the og and brings an essence of cherry and astringency to those seeking a more complex and layered whiskey-forward variation. Travis fourmont, famed bartender from the roast restaurant in detroit, created this for woodford reserve and subsequently won the 2013 master of the manhattan.

The Midnight Manhattan cocktail takes the OG and brings an essence of cherry and astringency to those seeking a more complex and layered whiskey-forward variation. Travis Fourmont, famed bartender from the Roast restaurant in Detroit, created this for Woodford Reserve and subsequently won the 2013 Master of the Manhattan. I tried a variation of this …

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Corpse Reviver No. 2 Cocktail Recipe

Corpse reviver no 2 cocktail recipe featured

The Corpse Reviver No. 2 cocktail is a variation of the original Corpse Reviver, featuring an added dash of absinthe. Claimed to be a hangover cure, this cocktail certainly has the potential to jolt you awake with its strong astringent flavors. Rumors of the Corpse Reviver date back to the 1930s at the American Bar …

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At-Home Bar Tool Set Essentials

Bar tool set home essentials mk library featured

Stock your home bar with bar tool set essentials to make spectacular cocktails – this list will help you create craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Curated based on my own experience and the recommendation of many a bartender. PreBuilt Sets You might be wondering, why not just get one of those …

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Roasted Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Recipe

Roasted cajun shrimp and sausage recipe

Cajun cuisine has become somewhat of a blanket term for a hybrid of Cajun and Creol cuisines throughout the U.S. In Louisiana, however, where both of these cultures were born and continue to thrive, there is a clear distinction between these respective cuisines and their histories. This recipe draws from both cultures, with an emphasis …

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Pickled Red Onions Recipe

Pickled red onions recipe

This is the simplest, healthiest, and quickest recipe for pickled red onions. Perfect for all sorts of garnishes and accompaniments, from ceviche to tacos, or just snacking on plain. Lime juice vs Vinegar This particular version of pickled red onions calls for lime juice only. The acidity and flavor of the lime juice offers superb …

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Death in the Afternoon Cocktail Recipe

Death in the afternoon cocktail recipe

A Death in the Afternoon cocktail is reserved for absinthe and anise flavored drink lovers. If you are on the fence about either flavor profile, you will be sorely disappointed by this cocktail. Should you love the flavors of anise, licorice, or wormwood, you’ll be delighted by this simple, refreshing cocktail. It’s to be expected …

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Red Riding Hood Cocktail Recipe

Red riding hood cocktail recipe

The Red Riding Hood Cocktail combines herbaceous root beer liqueur with acidic lemon juice and sweet red currant preserve to create a truly unique Halloween cocktail. Before I made it for myself, I was very intrigued by this recipe. I love those craft root beer sodas, and thought the sweet and acidic flavors would result …

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A Wicked Thing Cocktail Recipe

A wicked thing cocktail recipe

Dare to serve A Wicked Thing Cocktail to your bourbon loving and tequila aficionado friends. If your friends react like mine, they will initially turn up their nose at such a proposition. But at first sip, their eyes will light up with surprising delight. To select the right tequila to pair with a bourbon, you’re …

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Bobbing for Apples Cocktail Recipe

Bobbing for apples cocktail recipe

Perfect for apple season, the Bobbing for Apples Cocktail is a fun way to celebrate the fall leaves turning color as apples across the west coast are harvested. Made with rye whiskey, apple brandy, demerara syrup, angostura bitters, orange bitters and garnished with a dehydrated apple slice and cinnamon stick dipped in vodka so it …

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Batched Orange Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Batched orange manhattan cocktail

The Batched Orange Manhattan is crafted for those who crave a little more orange zest in their life, and perhaps some chocolate too. The pumpkin-colored cocktail is made with Woodford Bourbon, Nonino Amaro, Gran Marnier and orange bitters and is recommended to pair with a couple bites of dark chocolate. After copious amounts of testing, …

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