Paccheri Pasta with Summer Vegetables

Paccheri Pasta with Summer Vegetables Recipe

This Paccheri Pasta recipe uses the vibrant flavors of fresh summer vegetables and Cantadina Tomato Sauce. This recipe is sponsored by Cantadina. When I last visited the Amalfi Coast in Italy last year, I was enamored with the vibrant flavors which came through in simple foods. Back home, I found myself watching Under the Tuscan …

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Midtown Sour Cocktail Recipe with Kupros Craft House

midtown sour cocktail recipe

This Midtown Sour cocktail recipe, created by Kupros Craft House in Sacramento, CA, takes on the traditional whiskey sour and turns it into a crisp refreshing vegan cocktail using aquafaba. The original whiskey sour has its roots in the 1862 book, The Bon Vivant’s Companion, one of the first published bartending guides. Using egg whites, …

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Peruvian Pisco Sour Cocktail Recipe

pisco sour cocktail recipe

My first authentic Pisco Sour cocktail was hand-crafted for me by my very dear Chilean friend, Jorge, during one of my trips to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had tried them afterwards in bars, but they simply did not compare to a Pisco Sour created by someone who learned from an authentic region. Jorge has fine-tuned his craft …

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Californian Aperitivo with Böen Pinot Noir

The California Aperitivo takes all of the goodness of the traditional Northern Italian Aperitivo and adds localized farm to table fare. Perfect for small gatherings, a plate full of whatever is fresh and in season can be enjoyed before heading out for dinner. An aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink and light fare meant to whet …

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Oscar’s Folly Cocktail Recipe

oscars folly irish whiskey cocktail recipe

This vibrantly layered Irish whiskey cocktail celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day in all of its glory. Paying homage to the famous Irish playwright and poet Oscar Wilde, several of these spirit forward cocktails will have you spouting prose into your drinking glass. “I can resist everything except temptation!” Much like the nuances of Oscar Wilde’s flamboyant …

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Happy Paddy’s Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Happy Paddys Manhattan Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Happy Paddy’s Manhattan is a spectacular modern remake of the classic Manhattan cocktail using Irish Whiskey as the base. Best served as an aperitif or evening cocktail, this Manhattan derivative will inspire thoughts of a magical Irish journey. Allow each sip of absinthe and chartreuse to take turns dancing Irish jigs on your taste-buds. As …

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Leprechaun’s Green Gold Cocktail Recipe

Leprechauns Green Gold Irish Whiskey Cocktail

This Irish Whiskey based cocktail is going to be the easiest cocktail you’ve ever made to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. With a mere touch of Creme de Menthe to turn your golden colored whiskey green without overpowering the flavor, you can festively enjoy fine whiskey. Any Irish Whiskey you choose will be more than suitable …

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Neapolitan Style Margherita Pizza Recipe

Neapolitan Style Margherita Pizza featured

The methods to making a delicious Neapolitan style Margherita pizza comes from a time-honored craft in Italy. A true Neapolitan pizza is held to a high standard of rules, orally transmitted by Neapolitan’s generations of pizza-makers, from fathers to sons. Ingredients must only be sourced from Campania regions of Italy. As a firm believer of …

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