Roof Replacement – 20+ Questions to Ask a Roofer

Questions to ask a roofer featured

Whether you are looking for a roof replacement or repairing an existing roof, these are some questions to ask a roofer before making your decision on who to hire. These are 20+ things to find out, where applicable, to help choose the right roofing contractor for your home. Things to Know As You Find a …

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How To Build a Metal Raised Garden Bed

Corrugated metal raised beds for the garden

This is my DIY guide on how to build a metal raised garden bed. I walk you through every step of the way with my own experience to help create your own beautiful raised bed garden, merging function and beauty, especially with my passion for gardening and growing my own food. After days of deliberation …

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Christmas Tree Recycling

Indian rock tree farm

Explore these unique Christmas tree recycling ideas for when the holidays have passed and you have a Christmas tree to move on. Besides left-over Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas trees are just about the easiest holiday remnant to recycle and re-use. For those who celebrate Christmas, it’s hard to imagine celebrating the holiday without a decorated Christmas …

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The Comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist You Need

Home maintenance checklist featured

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, this home maintenance checklist can help ensure life at home is smoother. Keeping your home well-maintained can both reduce big expenses and extend the time between replacing large-ticket items. To be completely transparent, I already knew and practiced a good amount of these. However, putting them to …

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Fixing Heat Stains on Wood

Fixing heat stains on wood

Fixing heat stains on wood is not as tricky as it may seem. It’s a simple fix that you can tackle yourself to remove the white stains. Heat stains are the result of setting hot items on your wood furniture. If you own wood furniture in your home, encountering heat stains becomes a “when”, not …

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Caring for Leather Shoes and Boots

Leather care for shoes and boots

If you are as obsessed as I am with properly caring for leather shoes and boots, you will enjoy reading this guide I have put together and improved upon each winter. I love well-made leather boots and look at them as something to own for many, many years. I buy them with the intent to …

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How To Wash Your Car in Winter

Practical winter care secrets to preserve your car

When it comes to washing your car in the winter, there are many cold-weather scenarios you must consider in order to keep your car in tip-top shape. These practical winter car washing tips will help keep your car safe through the snow, rain, frost, hail, or freezing temperatures. Read on to discover how to protect …

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Rodent Exclusion

Rodent exclusion

Finding the right rodent exclusion company versus doing it myself is a problem I never want to undertake again. As I found myself quickly inundated with all the horrors that come with a rat infestation, I began a breakneck paced search to find a company to help deal with the mess and perform rodent exclusion …

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3 Year Update for Raised Bed Gardening

3 year update for raised bed gardening

This raised bed update is sponsored by Miracle-Gro. Three years ago, I decided to build three really cool looking raised beds for my garden. These would be unlike anything I have ever done before. I went for not only function, but style. You can check out my original post and DIY guide here for my┬áMetal …

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Buying a Budget Fixed Gear Road Bike Online

Vilano fixed gear bike out of box disassembled

I decided to try buying a budget fixed gear road bike online. I bought a bike off of Amazon and documented the process for anyone else interested in exploring purchasing a fixed gear bike online. I’ve had the same bicycle since I was 16. The hybrid mountain/road bike had suited my needs and careless riding …

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