Holiday Cocktails around Sacramento

Holiday cocktails around sacramento

Celebrate the holidays in style with these seasonal holiday cocktails around Sacramento. 2023 Holiday updates are happening! Restaurants and bars: contact me on IG @themklibrary These restaurants and bars have created their own festive modern and classic cocktails and are decorated to the nines. Two special locations are featured on the 2023 Miracle & Sippin’ …

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(The Worst) Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

The best ugly christmas sweaters money can buy

One of my favorite parts about the holidays are ugly Christmas sweaters. They can be hilarious and horrible at the same time. These are some of the (worst) best ones you’ll be able to find. I’ve personally bought and worn way too many horrible holiday attire pieces. While there was once a time where you …

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Chartreuse Swizzle Holiday Edition Cocktail Recipe

Chartreuse swizzle holiday edition cocktail recipe

This holiday version of the Chartreuse Swizzle cocktail delivers the same classic pineapple essence with a holiday flare. The chartreuse swizzle is normally a cool and sophisticated summer beverage. In lieu of the tiki look, I’ve made a few festive garnish modifications to give those winter wonderland vibes. If you can’t find Green Chartreuse or …

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Spicy Elf Cocktail Recipe

Spicy elf cocktail recipe

The Spicy Elf is a delightfully complex holiday cocktail that balances homemade cranberry spice syrup with rye whiskey. This spirit-forward beverage blends warm-weather spices clove and cardamom with bright notes of cranberry and orange. Spiced Cranberry Syrup This spiced cranberry-orange syrup is great to have around during the holidays because you can put a festive …

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Christmas Campari Sour Cocktail Recipe

Christmas campari sour cocktail recipe

The Christmas Campari Sour is a cocktail is a festive play on the traditional Campari Sour for the holidays. Bright, silky, and refreshing, this is a lower alcohol apĂ©ritif that will make you want to carol with joy. To make this cocktail more fit for the holiday season, I omitted the traditional use of grapefruit …

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Santa’s Flip Cocktail Recipe

Santa's flip cocktail recipe

Santa’s Flip is a riff on the Porto Flip cocktail by the influential American bartender, Jerry Thomas. I’ve updated this smooth and cozy cocktail to include nutmeg, amaretto, and coffee liqueur. This is the perfect after-dinner Christmas cocktail for Santa as he leaves some gifts under the tree. A Bit About Jerry Thomas Jerry Thomas …

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Ukrainian Christmas Food Culture and Traditions

Ukrainian christmas food culture and traditions

The traditions revolving around food for a Ukrainian Christmas were something I had been mulling over, pun intended, for months. In my own unique way of supporting the people of Ukraine, I thought it would be fun to learn how Christmas is celebrated and share it with a United States audience. There are quite a …

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The Holiday Guide to Live Christmas Trees

Holiday guide to live christmas trees

Read this before you buy your next live Christmas trees this holiday season. I visited a multi-generational 60+ year old Christmas Tree farm to find out everything there is to know about these trees. Learn which trees to buy, how to care for them, and what makes Christmas tree farms so sustainable. Introduction While we …

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Christmas Tree Recycling

Indian rock tree farm

Explore these unique Christmas tree recycling ideas for when the holidays have passed and you have a Christmas tree to move on. Besides left-over Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas trees are just about the easiest holiday remnant to recycle and re-use. For those who celebrate Christmas, it’s hard to imagine celebrating the holiday without a decorated Christmas …

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