(The Worst) Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

One of my favorite parts about the holidays are ugly Christmas sweaters. They can be hilarious and horrible at the same time. These are some of the (worst) best ones you’ll be able to find. I’ve personally bought and worn way too many horrible holiday attire pieces.

Best ugly christmas sweaters in the snow

While there was once a time where you would pull out clothes from your grandmother’s closet, or go hunting in thrift stores, the whole Ugly Christmas Sweater party has evolved into clever sayings and funky designs in new clothes. Each has their own place, however this guide focuses more on the newer clothing options.

Three Piece LED Christmas Suit

I bought a three-piece suit that lights up, and a beanie to match. Ok, its not technically a sweater, but come on, how could you not want one of these? I found it to be really thin, and I had to layer underneath to stay warm outside. The lights were kind of hard to see, let alone photograph. It cost me about $60 at the time of purchase, and definitely is not worth more than that. However, for the novelty? Amazing.

Best ugly christmas sweaters three piece led christmas suit

Buy this ugly green suit.

Christmas Beanie with LEDs

At $15, you can’t go wrong. Knit, bright green LEDs, a Christmas tree, and keeps your head warm. The battery goes for a few parties.

Ugly christmas sweaters christmas beanie with leds

Buy this ugly Christmas beanie hat.

That’s a Horrible Idea… What Time? Christmas Sweater

That's a horrible idea... What time? Christmas sweater

The one I bought is no longer available, so here’s the second-best one. Kind of generic, but red enough to pass off as a holiday option. White and gold is great if you can find it in stock and want to keep your holiday celebrations…classy?

That's a horrible idea... What time? Christmas sweater

Buy This Horrible Idea Sweatshirt

Christmas Tree Hoodie with Tinsel

Beautiful, over the top, cozy. You’ll make new friends as quick as you lose them for wearing this ugly sweater. I personally love how ridiculous the tinsel is and it gets everywhere. You can giddily leave a wake of glitter and shiny things wherever you go. This bad boy will run you about $50 and it is oh so worth it. You can also repurpose an existing Christmasy sweater with a hot glue gun or a sewing needle and hand attach your own tinsel. You’ll probably need to tidy this one up after an outing anyways.

Christmas tree hoodie with tinsel

Buy this Hoodie with Tinsel

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweatshirt

Holiday cheer in the front, filthy animals in the back. Always a classic option and callback to Home Alone, one of my favorite Christmas movies. This exact option is no longer in stock, but there are several other similar styles to pick and choose from. The company that makes these is pretty basic, but this should hold up for quite a few holiday parties.

Merry christmas ya filthy animal sweatshirt
Merry christmas ya filthy animal sweatshirt

Buy this Sweater Ya Filthy Animal

Comet Reindeer Hoodie with Antlers

This knitted hoodie sports Comet the Reindeer, along with separate antlers. I’ve tried this one both with and without the antlers. They definitely make the outfit and attract all sorts of commentary when they flop about. I was also impressed with the quality of the reindeer on the hoodie.

Ugly christmas sweaters comet reindeer hoodie with antlers

Buy This Reindeer Hoodie

Little Drummer Boy St. Nick Sweater

Not only does Santa play the drums, but you can browse the variations from this company and get all sorts of pop culture and musical references to choose from. Be a guitar player, bassist, or taco connoisseur. Mediocre quality but the art is creative and fun.

Ugly christmas sweaters drummer santa
Ugly christmas sweaters taco bout christmas

Buy This Little Drummer Boy Sweater

Lady Cat Ornament Sweater

What? Ok, I get it. You want to sow confusion and make people wonder why you stopped taking your medication. This sweater will do it with its strange combination of cat, tree, ornament, and color. Practice your Blue Steel gaze. Its $30 and you’re going to regret buying it, but also be glad you did.

Ugly christmas sweaters lady cat ornaments

Buy Lady Cat Ornament Sweater

Dog with Glasses and Santa Pullover

Its not quite a 3D pullover, but the print makes the whole piece ugly and ridiculous. Perfect for those dog parents.

Ugly christmas sweater dog with glasses and santa pullover

Buy This Dog Pullover

Humping Reindeer Sweater

The reindeer on this Christmas attire moves – a real attention grabber. The reindeer are attached by cheap Velcro, so I suggest if you get this to make sure to run to the local hardware store and pickup some heavy duty Velcro to use and this sweater will not be so frustrating.

Ugly christmas sweaters humping reindeer

Buy This Humping Reindeer Sweater

Tree-Rex Sweater

One arm Tree-Rex, one arm tinsel, you are unstoppable.

Ugly christmas sweaters tree-rex sweater

Buy this Tree-Rex Sweater

NFL Busy Block Christmas

Ideally, you’ll wear the opposing team’s colors to your family functions. Not only will you get some massive eye rolls, but the design is hideous. This company offers multiple teams to choose from.

Ugly christmas sweaters nfl busy block christmas

Buy this NFL Christmas Sweater

Flowers and Santa Christmas Sweatshirt

This just might have come out of grandma’s closet. Show off your complete disregard of fashion and your mom will probably ask you to take it off.

Flowers and santa christmas sweatshirt

Buy this Flower and Santa Sweatshirt

Upload Your Own Face Sweatshirt

Take it to a whole new level by uploading your own face, or your friends faces and plaster them all over your ugly Christmas sweater. Unique and the worse idea you’ll have all year. If your friends don’t gift you coal after this one, its only because you didn’t order one for them too.

Ugly christmas sweaters face customizable sweatshirt

Buy this Customizable Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Wine and Snow Christmas Sweater

A bit more on the classy side, but just gaudy enough. Note the sequins aren’t real but part of the print, so you’ll have to bring your own glitter.

Buy this Wine and Snow Sweater

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