How docva virtual medical assistant improves patient care

How DocVA Virtual Medical Assistant Improves Patient Care

The healthcare field is rapidly changing, with technology playing a role in driving this evolution. One of the advancements in time is the introduction of virtual medical assistants such as DocVA. Through intelligence and machine learning, DocVA streamlines aspects of patient care, resulting in more efficient, impactful, and patient-focused healthcare services. This piece delves into …

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How To Install Home Assistant on Synology

Learn how to properly install Home Assistant on Synology and get all the features, including add-ons, updates, and the supervisor. This entire process will take about an hour to complete. I’m using a Synology DS1821+ and DSM 7.2.x. This guide … Continue Reading

Synology NVMe Volume Installation and Setup Guide

Everything you need to know to install and setup a Synology NVMe Volume using DSM 7.2. Learn how to install dual NVMe m.2 SSDs along with some helpful tips and tricks for your own NAS. Using DSM 7.2.x and full … Continue Reading

PhotoStructure for Synology Docker Container Manager

Learn how to run an optimal installation and use PhotoStructure for Synology Docker containers, also known as Container Manager. This guide makes use of Docker, and takes into consideration the needs of a working professional and separating Photo Libraries, such … Continue Reading

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