Philanthropy Initiatives

Learn what MK Library is doing for local communities.

Doing good is good for business. When you visit this website, interact on social media, or engage with ads that are relevant to your interests, you are increasing the positive environmental impact MK Library is able to have on the world through multiple nonprofit partnerships and volunteer opportunities.

MK Library understands the importance of local businesses giving back to their community. As such, we are committed to seeking out charitable and philanthropic opportunities in the city of Sacramento, CA, as well as in the various communities visited throughout adventures.

MK Library partners with a diverse group of organizations, from certified nonprofits, environmental and food groups, to private citizens dedicating themselves to improving their own communities.

Some nonprofit organizations supported:

  • 1% for the Planet
  • Ocean Conservancy
  • California Native Plant Society
  • American River Conservancy
  • Wolf Conservation Center
  • Trees Atlanta

Restaurant Sponsorships

Puerto vallarta vegan restaurants

Now more than ever, people are struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves and their family. MK Library would like to do a small part in solving the problem of hunger that still exists in the U.S.

MK Library is often invited to visit local restaurants and post photos on social media in exchange for a meal. As part of the restaurant sponsorship initiative, MK Library upon request can donate the amount of the comped food to a food bank, food literacy program, or food system nonprofit organization local to the restaurant.

Nonprofit Memberships and Affiliations

MK Library acknowledges that climate change is one of the most serious and pressing issues of our lifetime. Through MK Library’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of our gross income from paid sponsorships and website advertising each year back to the environment through approved nonprofits. To date, the combined efforts of the organizations involved in the 1% for the planet initiative have raised more than $270 million for environmental nonprofit organizations. Read More.