The Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

Mexican restaurants in sacramento you must try

These Mexican restaurants in Sacramento and the surrounding regions all host menus which are unique in some way. While there are a ton of exceptional taquería, Tex-Mex, and Mexicali cuisine in the Sacramento area, these are not those types of restaurants. Explore these restaurants to experience some of the more diverse and culturally significant foods …

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Pairing Wine with Thai Food

Pairing wine with thai food

Pairing wine with Thai food is a unique way to explore new wines and discover new notes in familiar wines. Many wine drinkers are familiar with the concept of pairing wine with New American, Italian, and French dishes, but many dismiss pairing wine with food from other cultures. Thai cuisine follows similar wine pairing guidelines, …

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Tequila for the Bourbon Drinker

Tequila for the bourbon drinker

Whether you’re drinking your bourbon neat or in a cocktail, this is a guide on how to enjoy drinking tequila for the bourbon drinker. To begin, it’s important to understand what makes a good tequila. This basic explanation is concocted, pun intended, with the assumption you already know about basic bourbon and your own preferences. …

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee

Equipment For Cold Brew Coffee Depending on room available in your living space or fridge, you may want anywhere from half a gallon to several gallon jars for your cold brew coffee. Glass is going to be the safest, in terms of dishwasher safe, no chemical leeching, and safe for both hot and cold liquids. Stainless …

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Puerto Vallarta – From Healthy Eating to Vegan

Puerto vallarta vegan restaurants

Traveling to unfamiliar cultural regions with vegan or specific dietary restrictions can be very intimidating, even more so when exacerbated by a potential language barrier. While I am not a vegan, I am an infrequent meat eater. I thought it would be a fun game to see what challenges I would face in trying to …

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Best Restaurants in San Luis Obispo

Best restaurants in san luis obispo

These are the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo to dine at for an unforgettable experience. You’ll find an incredibly diverse selection of restaurants that have elevated SLO’s food scene and have made the city worthy of culinary acclaim. Between fine dining, craft cocktails, extensive wine lists, and locally sourced and organic foods, you won’t …

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The Best Restaurants in Oakland

Oakland food scene agave uptown orw

These are some of the best restaurants in Oakland. From Michelin star restaurants to unassuming dine-ins and food trucks, there is an abundance of great food throughout Oakland and its many neighborhoods. The Oakland food scene has grown exponentially over the years, and I believe the diversity of cultures has always been at the root …

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The Best Bakeries in Sacramento

Best bakeries in sacramento

I have worked tirelessly to discover the best bakeries in Sacramento. The countless trips spent taste-testing delicious sweet and savory treats really can take it out of a person. Finally, I’ve made it through a whole city of incredible bakeries and have put together a curated list of must-visit eateries. I’ve categorized the best Sacramento …

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Celeriac – A Wonderfully Versatile Root Vegetable

Celeriac - a wonderfully versatile root vegetable 1

Celeriac, or Celery root, is one of those foods you end up trying and realize you’ve been missing out on a good nutritious, cheap ingredient. Versatile and underutilized, this root vegetable is not to be confused with the bright green celery stalks you are already familiar with. A slightly firmer texture than your standard russet …

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At-Home Bar Tool Set Essentials

Bar tool set home essentials mk library featured

Stock your home bar with bar tool set essentials to make spectacular cocktails – this list will help you create craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Curated based on my own experience and the recommendation of many a bartender. PreBuilt Sets You might be wondering, why not just get one of those …

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