Chartreuse Alternatives and Substitutes

Green chartreuese last word cocktail

Whether you’re looking for a Green Chartreuse or Yellow Chartreuse alternative, these are some of the best options available. Both Chartreuse types are in very limited supply, and prices have skyrocketed from $40 a bottle to over $100 a bottle. If you can’t find it or can’t afford it, these are some alternatives to explore. …

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The Best Bakeries in Sacramento

Best bakeries in sacramento

I have worked tirelessly to discover the best bakeries in Sacramento. The countless trips spent taste-testing delicious sweet and savory treats really can take it out of a person. Finally, I’ve made it through a whole city of incredible bakeries and have put together a curated list of must-visit eateries. I’ve categorized the best Sacramento …

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At-Home Bar Tool Set Essentials

Bar tool set home essentials mk library featured

Stock your home bar with these at-home bar tool set essentials and start making some spectacular cocktails with ease. Informed by my own cocktail experience and the recommendation of many a bartender, this curated bar tool list will help you create craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home. PreBuilt Sets You might be …

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Kombucha Health Benefits and Kombucha Composition

Kombucha health benefits

There is no shortage of articles discussing Kombucha health benefits, often without sources or references. I see these and wonder how much is made up on the spot, or misinterpreted. Fake news is a thing, and so is pseudoscience. I needed to conduct my own research and studies. Could I find peer-reviewed studies, with methodologies published? What have I …

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How To Get Good Ingredients For Baking?

How to get good ingredients for baking?

Are you a home baker looking for advice on how to get the best ingredients? Whether it’s because you don’t know where to look or can’t decide which brands are better than others, don’t worry — this blog post will dive deep into how finding good-quality ingredients can drastically improve your baked goods. With the …

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Hangover Cures Backed by Science

Oakland restaurant week

As age hits me in different ways, I found myself seeking out tried and true hangover cures backed by science. I love exploring different types of wine and cocktails, but I’ve found my tolerance has decreased as I age. I’ve more frequently found myself waking up to a hangover after an evening of wine tasting, …

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker Guide

Aeropress coffee maker

After purchasing my first AeroPress, I did plenty of testing to create this comprehensive AeroPress Coffee Maker Guide. An AeroPress coffee maker is an affordable piece of coffee equipment that makes a spectacular cup of coffee and is light enough to take anywhere. Learn how to fine-tune your coffee-making technique and come along on my …

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California Style Aperitivo

Californian aperitivo with pinot noir

This seasonal California Style Aperitivo takes all of the goodness of the traditional Northern Italian Aperitivo and adds a local farm-to-table twist. This plate is full of fresh, local ingredients and is perfect for small gatherings with LOTS of wine and excellent conversation. An aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink and light fare meant to whet …

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How To Find Your Favorite International Foods Online

How to find your favorite international foods online

Are you tired of searching in vain for your favorite exotic dishes? With the rise of online grocery shopping, you no longer need to worry about trekking down to specialty stores looking for international ingredients – there are plenty of ways to get access to all different parts of the world’s cuisines without even leaving …

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The Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

Mexican restaurants in sacramento you must try

These Mexican restaurants in Sacramento and the surrounding regions all deliver unique and mouthwatering menus. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the best Mexican restaurants in Sacramento, and want to share this list with you! While there are a ton of exceptional taquería, Tex-Mex, and Mexicali cuisine in the Sacramento area, these are …

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