Hiking Colorado Springs – 12 Amazing Trails To Do This Year

Hiking Colorado Springs featured

From bridges and waterfalls to running creeks, never ending views, and geological wonders, you will discover hiking Colorado Springs to be a must-experience for avid hikers of any experience level. These are 12 seriously epic hikes which provide spectacular panoramic views of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Colorado Springs sits at an elevation of …

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Lake Clementine – A Guide to Explore, Adventure, and Relax

Hidden on the North Fork of the American River in the Auburn State Recreation Area, Lake Clementine is one of the most beautifully serene kayaking spots I’ve paddled at throughout Northern California. The entire body of water which makes up Lake Clementine is exceptional, but for paddling, swimming, and lounging around, Upper takes the cake. …

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Travel Blogging Photography, Workflow, and Organization

Travel Blogging Photography Workflow Organization

When traveling and blogging for multiple days at a time, organizing photos and maintaining a workflow day after day can get convoluted and tiresome fast. It has taken me about three years of trial and many errors to get to the point where I’m at now. I’ve been constantly aware of how I am operating …

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Behind the Mustache at Eva’s Brickhouse

Behind the Mustache Evas Brickhouse featured

“Who are you looking for?” Was shouted at me the very first time I met Kent McKinley, owner of Eva’s Brickhouse. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, completely unbuttoned, khaki shorts, and barefoot, my eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous broken capillaries on his nose and thick wild mustache. His skin glistened on the verge of …

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Hidden Gems in Siskiyou

Castle Lake Mount Shasta Hidden Gem Siskiyou County

Mount Shasta might be the crown jewel in Siskiyou County, however, there are untold treasures and hidden gems waiting to be discovered throughout the vast landscape. From uncharted tunnels and caves to rivers and overflowing waterfalls, unassuming parks and trails, a journey through Siskiyou is an adventure you must experience.

Join me in discovering these 9 hidden gems throughout Siskiyou County.

Seeking Quiet in Noisy Spaces

bose noise masking sleepbuds fake sleeping

Recent travels took me through North Dakota and South Dakota, where I often found myself wondering where all the quiet places had disappeared to. Thinking good and proper remote places were carefully selected, I found myself quite often wishing for a bit less noise. Deep in the land of the large trucks, camping and sleeping outside lent itself to a lot more road noise than expected.

Coupled with a fitful night of sleep at a motel and way too many crying babies on planes, I was ready to make a change to improve my quality of sleep while traveling. I needed something that could travel easily in a variety of environments. It should help me get the much needed sleep I deserved – a key ingredient to epic adventures. After a ton of research, I discovered the Bose Noise-masking sleepbuds.