Things to Do in Ruidoso, New Mexico

There are a variety of warm and cold weather things to do in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Well-known to both Texas tourists and New Mexico locals, this mountain town is a hot spot for off-the-beaten-path adventures in both summer and winter. From zip-lining to horseback riding and hiking the White Sands National Monument, my schedule was …

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Northern California Waterfalls – Waterfall Hikes Adventure Trip Planning

Northern california waterfall hikes - adventure trip planning

Creating the entire itinerary and waterfall hikes adventure trip planning was quite the task – much more time-consuming than normal adventures. This trip was inspired by coming across an article that had gone viral on my Facebook feed. At first impression, the article was a great source of waterfalls to explore. However, it lacked critical information, such …

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Hidden Gems in Siskiyou

Castle lake mount shasta hidden gem siskiyou county

Mount Shasta might be the crown jewel in Siskiyou County, however, there are untold treasures and hidden gems waiting to be discovered throughout the vast landscape. From uncharted tunnels and caves to rivers and overflowing waterfalls, unassuming parks and trails, a journey through Siskiyou is an adventure you must experience.

Join me in discovering these 9 hidden gems throughout Siskiyou County.

The Chalk It Up Sacramento Art Festival: An Artist’s Perspective

Chalk it up sacramento 2021

Apart from drawing hop-scotch squares as a child, I had zero experience creating chalk art before participating in this year’s Chalk It Up Art Festival in Sacramento. Participating in Chalk It Up turned out to be incredibly rewarding. The long days chalking in the Sacramento heat were challenging, but I was satisfied with the end …

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Botanical and Rose Gardens of Sacramento

Botanical and rose gardens of sacramento

You don’t have to travel far to find hundreds of roses in one spot, a diverse desert landscape, or to simply admire an array of native vegetation. To get a glimpse of California’s diverse landscapes, simply take a tour through the diverse botanical and rose gardens of Sacramento. These spectacular gardens are rich in the …

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is located in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California and is the largest state park in California. The park covers over 600,000 acres and is known for its stunning desert landscapes, unique geology, and rich cultural history. Wildflowers are currently blooming in the park, including the stunning desert lily! The park …

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Sacramento River Restaurants

Sacramento river restaurants river cruise

Visiting any one of these Sacramento River restaurants will result in an unforgettable indoor or outdoor dining experience. The combination of the stunning views and delicious food at each of these locations makes for the perfect date night or special occasion spot. Imagine indulging in fresh, local cuisine while taking in the serene views of …

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Best Thai Food in Sacramento

Best thai food in sacramento

Take a stab at some of the best Thai food in Sacramento! These restaurants offer the full gamut of Thai cuisine, from street food and curries to modern takes on classic dishes. You can’t blame me for craving Thai food on a regular basis when there are so many great Thai restaurants at my fingertips. …

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The Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento

Mexican restaurants in sacramento you must try

These Mexican restaurants in Sacramento and the surrounding regions all deliver unique and mouthwatering menus. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the best Mexican restaurants in Sacramento, and want to share this list with you! While there are a ton of exceptional taquería, Tex-Mex, and Mexicali cuisine in the Sacramento area, these are …

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A Guide to the Best Sacramento Restaurants

Sacramento restaurants

Discover the best Sacramento restaurants to dine at. No matter which cuisine or style you’re currently craving, you can’t go wrong with this guide to the best Sacramento restaurants. The Best Restaurants in Sacramento These are the absolute best restaurants in Sacramento, regardless of cuisine. From Michelin recognition to Slow Food, the chefs at each …

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