Native Flowers for Butterflies in Sacramento

Plants that attract butterflies thistle

If you want to create a biodiverse and sustainable garden, plant these native flowers for butterflies in Sacramento. When considering which native plants to plant in your yard, why not select for plants that will attract these beautiful fluttering pollinators and create a hub of native color around your home? There are over 1300 butterfly …

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Plants That Attract Butterflies

Plants that attract butterflies eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

If your goal is to create a magical butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard, look no further! These must-have flowering plants that attract butterflies are sure to attract a variety of beauty to your yard, in addition to other native pollinators such as hummingbirds and bees. Some are better at drawing in a specific species, …

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How To Build a Metal Raised Garden Bed

Corrugated metal raised beds for the garden

Growing food in a metal raised garden bed is a crucial step in one of my house goals. I love the zen of combining beauty and function. I was able to turn a pretty ugly portion of the yard into a thing of beauty. After days of deliberation over logistics, size, aesthetics, and cost between …

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The Best Trees to Plant for Small Yards

Venus dogwood tree

These are the best trees to plant for small yards. Having a small backyard doesn’t have to mean giving up on your dreams of a lush, colorful backyard sanctuary. It just requires a little more forethought in your choice of foliage. The solution to your small-yard is as simple as remembering that small yards require …

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Cycads – Prehistoric Plants for Your Garden

Cycad cycas revoluta

Cycads are easy to take care of, fun to look at, and will surely add interest to your backyard landscape. Over two hundred million years ago, cycads could be found in every continent and made up about 20% of the world’s plants. Because they are so ancient, they are known as “living fossils.” These mighty …

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Types of Maple Trees

Types of maples norway maple

A common choice for the art of bonsai and the focal point of Canada’s national flag, Maple trees belong to the genus Acer and are available in more than 125 varieties. Also called aceretums, maple collections occupy many arboreta and gardens around the world including the Esveld Aceretum in Boskoop, Netherlands; Arnold Arboretum owned by …

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Trimming Crepe Myrtle Trees

Trimming crepe myrtle bad trim

Before you run outside, tools in hand, to trim your beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree, please read this article as it will save you time, embarrassment, and a pathetic-looking tree. First, you must understand that just because you can buy tree trimming tools at Home Depot or ACE Hardware doesn’t mean you are qualified in trimming …

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Meanings and Symbolism of Trees

Symbolism of trees almond trees

What stories do the trees around you tell? Many are unaware of the symbolism that cultures around the world have associated with the trees we see around us every day.  Over the centuries, forests have held mystery and enchantment to different cultures and faiths. Myths, legends, folklore and fairy tales included the woods and specific …

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How To Protect Your Trees From Frost

How to protect your trees from frost 1

Cold weather can cause many types of problems for trees, the number one issue being frost. Luckily, there are a variety of things that you can do to protect your trees and saplings from frost damage this winter. Read on to learn the most common methods people use to protect their trees from frost. Frost …

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Plants That Don’t Attract Bees

Plants that dont attract bees

For those with bee allergies or flying insect phobias, this is a guide to plants that don’t attract bees. Your garden should feel like a place of peace, and filling it with the wrong plants can turn it into a waking nightmare. While bees provide the incredibly important service of pollinating our plants and flowers, …

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