How to Grow Roses From Seeds

Roses and buds

Although not the easiest method, growing roses from seeds is possible and arguably more rewarding when they begin to sprout. Growing roses isn’t nearly as complicated as growing vegetables from seeds, but a little bit of patience is required nonetheless. If you are up for the challenge, follow the advice below and happy planting! If …

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When to Plant Bare Root Roses

Bare root rose

It’s officially winter and that means it’s time to think about planting bare-root roses for your spring garden. Bare-root roses are roses that are sold without soil or foliage. Planting these roses during January gives them time to develop a strong root system before they begin putting on foliage in the spring and prepare for …

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How to Grow Roses Indoors

How to grow roses indoors featured

When most people picture a rose bush, they usually picture colorful roses growing outdoors in a garden. It’s hard to picture roses growing inside because most are unaware that growing roses indoors is even possible. Turns out, growing roses inside your home is completely doable with the right type of care and attention. Indoor Rose …

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How to Trim Roses For Winter

Red rose covered in frost

Snow and cold weather pose many hazards to roses, including freezing growth and damaging the plant. During winter, roses go dormant and grow poorly. As such, they should be given extra attention and care if you really want to last until spring. How to Prepare Roses for Winter Pruning and trimming your roses properly during …

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How to Prune Roses

Pruning a rose bush

Roses are an extremely attractive addition to any garden, and in order to maintain their beauty and many years of wonderful blooms, it’s important to ensure that all dead wood, stumps at the base of the plant and any diseased material is cut away. Not only will you foster a healthy rose plant, but you …

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Trees To Plant Near Sidewalks

Ruby red horse chestnut tree

These are some of the best trees to plant near sidewalks. All of the trees compiled in this list do not typically grow large surface roots, so they can easily be planted in an urban environment, where green spaces are often constricted by asphalt or cement. These trees are also known for being resistant to …

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Best Trees for Both Summer Shade & Winter Sun

Bee collecting pollen, a major allergen

The other day I asked my friend who has his own lawn care business about the best trees to plant in my yard. He’s an expert on trees, which is probably why my existing trees are so beautiful and healthy. I mentioned to him that my favorite tree is the giant tree in one of …

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3 Year Update for Raised Bed Gardening

3 year update for raised bed gardening

This raised bed update is sponsored by Miracle-Gro. Three years ago, I decided to build three really cool looking raised beds for my garden. These would be unlike anything I have ever done before. I went for not only function, but style. You can check out my original post and DIY guide here for my Metal …

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Sweetgum Liquidambar Trees: What to Know Before Planting

Liquidambar sweetgum tree spiked fruit balls

The Liquidambar styraciflua, or Sweetgum tree, is a beautiful tree that comes with a few notable downsides. Keep reading to determine whether one of these trees is right for your yard. You can recognize this tree by its five-pointed, star-shaped leaves and green or brown fruit balls. The sweetgum tree produces a full canopy in …

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How To Care For Olive Trees

How to care for olive trees

If allowed to grow and flourish, olive trees make a great addition to any Californian yard. As it reaches maturity, the thin, sage-colored foliage, grows into a wonderfully full canopy, supported by a thick, ridged trunk. These stately trees prefer well-drained soil and, like most fruit trees, need at least six hours of full sun …

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