How to Trim Roses For Winter

Red rose covered in frost

Read on to discover how to trim roses for winter and save your rose bushes during the cold weather seasons! Snow and cold weather pose many hazards to roses, including freezing growth and damaging the plant. During winter, roses go dormant and grow poorly. As such, they should be given extra attention and care if …

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How to Grow Roses From Seeds

How to grow roses from seeds, roses and buds

Read on to discover how to grow roses from seeds! Although not the easiest method, growing roses from seeds is arguably more rewarding when they begin to sprout. Growing roses isn’t nearly as complicated as growing vegetables from seeds, but a little bit of patience is required nonetheless. If you are up for the challenge, …

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How To Protect Your Trees From Frost

Cold weather can cause many types of problems for trees, the number one issue being frost. Here’s how to protect your trees from frost. There are a variety of things that you can do to protect your trees and saplings from frost damage this winter. Read on to discover the most common methods people use …

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Plants That Attract Butterflies

Plants that attract butterflies eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

If your goal is to create a magical butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard, look no further! These must-have flowering plants that attract butterflies are sure to attract a variety of beauty to your yard, in addition to other native pollinators such as hummingbirds and bees. Some are better at drawing in a specific species, …

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Best Trees For Fall Color

Best trees for fall color

If you’re looking to add interest to your yard throughout the fall season, I’ve put together a list of the best trees for fall color. Often, the first mark of autumn approaching is the trees and their changing leaves. Some of the most exciting trees to witness in fall demonstrate vivid orange, yellow or red …

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Planting Bare-Root Trees

Planting bare root trees featured

This simple guide will help you be successful in planting bare-root trees in your yard. Planting trees with bare, exposed roots can be tricky business, especially if they are young saplings. As you prepare for spring gardening, browse through these tips to ensure all of your plants survive this coming season! When to Plant Bare …

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Flowers That Attract Bees

Flowers that attract bees

If your goal is to create a pollinator and bee haven in your yard, here is a list of flowers that attract bees to your yard! I’ve included both California native and non-native flowering plants that bees prefer to visit. There are many factors to consider when deciding which plants to incorporate into your garden …

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Plants That Don’t Attract Bees

Plants that dont attract bees

For those with bee allergies or flying insect phobias, this is a guide to plants that don’t attract bees. Your garden should feel like a place of peace, and filling it with the wrong plants can turn it into a waking nightmare. While bees provide the incredibly important service of pollinating our plants and flowers, …

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How To Build a Metal Raised Garden Bed

Corrugated metal raised beds for the garden

Passionate about gardening and growing my own food, this is my DIY guide on how to build a metal raised garden bed. I walk you through every step of the way with my own experience to help create your own beautiful raised bed garden, merging function and beauty. After days of deliberation over logistics, size, …

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How To Care For Olive Trees

How to care for olive trees

Learn how to care for olive trees and turn them into a lovely, unique feature in your garden landscape that’s sure to catch the eye and spark conversation. Olive trees are not only beautiful, but they’re also perfect for adding a touch of charm and Mediterranean flair to your Californian garden. Olive trees are versatile, …

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