6 Great Trees For A Small Yard

Venus dogwood tree

Having a small backyard doesn’t have to mean giving up on your dreams of a lush, colorful backyard sanctuary. It just requires a little more forethought in your choice of foliage. The solution to your small-yard is as simple as remembering that small yards require small trees. Here are six petite tree varieties that will …

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When to Fertilize Fruit Trees

When to fertilize fruit trees 1 in order to stay healthy and grow, all plants need to absorb certain chemical elements from the soil.

In order to stay healthy and grow, all plants need to absorb certain chemical elements from the soil. Some of these elements can become permanently removed from soil over time by plants, while some are removed each season. Those elements removed each season tend to be returned to the soil in the form of dropped …

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Planting Bare-Root Trees

Planting bare root trees featured

Planting trees with bare, exposed roots can be somewhat tricky business. Here is a guide to help you successfully plant and grow your young tree. When to Plant Bare root trees should be planted during the dormant season. This can either be in the fall after the leaves have dropped or in early spring before …

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Best Trees for Both Summer Shade & Winter Sun

Bee collecting pollen, a major allergen

The other day I asked my friend who has his own lawn care business about the best trees to plant in my yard. He’s an expert on trees, which is probably why my existing trees are so beautiful and healthy. I mentioned to him that my favorite tree is the giant tree in one of …

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The Dogwood Tree – A Front Yard Treasure

Seed pods on an evergreen dogwood tree

An Evergreen Dogwood tree lives across the street in my friend Jess’ yard, where it remained a secret for a number of years. On a warm, sunny Tuesday, my good friend Brad showed up to service my lawn and I noticed him in Jess’ yard with his camera. He was photographing a tree about 8 …

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Environmental Effects of Planting Non-Native Trees

Environmental effects of planting non-native trees featured

For most of the past 250 years, surprisingly it seems that Europe’s managed forests have been a net source of carbon, contributing to climate warming rather than mitigating it. The release of carbon otherwise stored in litter, dead wood, and soil carbon pools in managed forests was one key factor contributing to climate warming. Second, …

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When to Plant Bare Root Roses

Bare root rose

It’s officially winter and that means it’s time to think about planting bare-root roses for your spring garden. Bare-root roses are roses that are sold without soil or foliage. Planting these roses during January gives them time to develop a strong root system before they begin putting on foliage in the spring and prepare for …

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Trees To Plant Near Sidewalks

Ruby red horse chestnut tree

These are some of the best trees to plant near sidewalks. All of the trees compiled in this list do not typically grow large surface roots, so they can easily be planted in an urban environment, where green spaces are often constricted by asphalt or cement. These trees are also known for being resistant to …

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How to Prune Roses

Pruning a rose bush

Roses are an extremely attractive addition to any garden, and in order to maintain their beauty and many years of wonderful blooms, it’s important to ensure that all dead wood, stumps at the base of the plant and any diseased material is cut away. Not only will you foster a healthy rose plant, but you …

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Types of Maple Trees

A common choice for the art of bonsai and the focal point of Canada’s national flag, Maple trees belong to the genus Acer and are available in more than 125 varieties. Also called aceretums, maple collections occupy many arboreta and gardens around the world including the Esveld Aceretum in Boskoop, Netherlands; Arnold Arboretum owned by …

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