Sundance Film Festival Tips and Tricks

Sundance film festival theater

Whether this is your first time attending the Sundance Film Festival or you’re a seasoned old hat, these are some general tips and tricks to help make navigating around the numerous events throughout Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah easier. About Sundance The Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Park …

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The Best Restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah

Best restaurants in salt lake city

Discover some of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah. Home to a vibrant food scene, you’ll discover a variety of options for all types of cuisine and budgets. The city has a mix of traditional and modern restaurants that are influenced by its geographical location, the diverse population, and the local food culture. …

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Fixing Heat Stains on Wood

Fixing heat stains on wood

Heat stains on wood occur from setting hot items on your wood furniture. Luckily, its a fix you can tackle yourself to remove the white stains. If you own wood furniture in your home, encountering heat stains becomes a when, not an if. The heat softens the clear coat finish and allows moisture to enter …

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The Best Restaurants in Park City, Utah

Best restaurants in park city utah

These are the best restaurants in Park City, Utah to visit after a long day on the slopes or theater hopping at the Sundance Film Festival. The food scene in Park City is quite diverse and offers a wide variety of options for visitors and locals alike. The city is home to many high-end restaurants …

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Dining Out in a More Sustainable and Socially Responsible Way

Dining out sustainability reusable togo containers

As a food and lifestyle blogger, I tend to eat out frequently. Although I consider this a major plus to my job, I am bothered by the number of one-time-use containers I am constantly bringing home. Whether they are made of cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, or even a supposedly biodegradable material, the constant barrage of take-out …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

Here is your comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Sacramento. *Spoiler: There are many to choose from. The independent Sacramento coffee scene is a vibrant mix of third-wave, eclectic, minimalist, and community-oriented cafés. I’m a sucker for a great-tasting cold brew, but what makes good coffee even better is an aesthetically pleasing setting …

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Spicy Elf Cocktail Recipe

Spicy elf cocktail recipe

The Spicy Elf is a delightfully complex holiday cocktail that balances homemade cranberry spice syrup with rye whiskey. This spirit-forward beverage blends warm-weather spices clove and cardamom with bright notes of cranberry and orange. Spiced Cranberry Syrup This spiced cranberry-orange syrup is great to have around during the holidays because you can put a festive …

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Chartreuse Swizzle Holiday Edition Cocktail Recipe

Chartreuse swizzle holiday edition cocktail recipe

This holiday version of the Chartreuse Swizzle cocktail delivers the same classic pineapple essence with a holiday flare. The chartreuse swizzle is normally a cool and sophisticated summer beverage. In lieu of the tiki look, I’ve made a few festive garnish modifications to give those winter wonderland vibes.

Santa’s Flip Cocktail Recipe

Santa's flip cocktail recipe

Santa’s Flip is a riff on the Porto Flip cocktail by the influential American bartender, Jerry Thomas. I’ve updated this smooth and cozy cocktail to include nutmeg, amaretto, and coffee liqueur. This is the perfect after-dinner Christmas cocktail for Santa as he leaves some gifts under the tree. A Bit About Jerry Thomas Jerry Thomas …

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Christmas Campari Sour Cocktail Recipe

Christmas campari sour cocktail recipe

The Christmas Campari Sour is a cocktail is a festive play on the traditional Campari Sour for the holidays. Bright, silky, and refreshing, this is a lower alcohol apéritif that will make you want to carol with joy. To make this cocktail more fit for the holiday season, I omitted the traditional use of grapefruit …

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