Cameron’s Kick Cocktail Recipe

Cameron's Kick Cocktail Recipe

The perfect summer cocktail for any Irish whiskey or Scotch lover, Cameron’s Kick is one of the original cocktails of the roaring twenties. While the origin of Cameron himself is unknown, this cocktail was created by Harry MacElhone and published in his 1922 book, Harry’s ABC of Making Cocktails. Cameron’s Kick Cocktail History A staple …

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality featured

Learn how to improve indoor air quality in your home with these actionable steps. Whether you live in a polluted city or suffer from the smoke of wildfires, implementing these methods will improve your quality of life and air quality at home.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Home

Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Home featured 2020 08

In the event of a total loss, disaster, or catastrophic event, filing an insurance claim for your home can be incredibly stressful. Without knowing how the process works or how insurance company’s claims adjusters process your claim, you can potentially lose out on the true value of your home, and make the filing process significantly harder to complete.

Tipperary Cocktail Recipe

Tipperary Cocktail Recipe featured

The Tipperary Cocktail is one of my favorite summer classics. The Tipperary originated in 1917 and is named for Tipperary, a county in Ireland. A classic summer cocktail, using the Irish Whiskey Bushmills Original from the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, Bushmills has a high-quality original whiskey that makes this cocktail shine. A Classic Cocktail The Tipperary …

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Peruvian Anticuchos Recipe (Grilled Skewers)

Peruvian Anticuchos Recipe featured

In the world of grilled meats on skewers, Peruvian Anticuchos are Peru’s version of street-food friendly anti-style cuts of meat. Dating back to Inca Empire, anticuchos originated in the Antisuyo region of what is now modern day Peru. Traditionally, the meat is marinated in vinegar and a base spice mix of cumin, aji pepper, and …

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Plumas County Road Trip

Plumas County Road Trip featured

Embarking on a Plumas County road trip is a spectacular summer activity option for anyone needing to get away from home for a day, or even several days. From a driving perspective, there are some breathtaking roads to intertwined with surrounding counties which bring you to this tree-filled magical place. The sights and towns of Plumas County are home to those who appreciate the quiet moments of nature, creating no shortage of excellent getaway destinations.

Sustainability in Paper Products

Sustainability in Paper Products

When it comes to choosing sustainable paper products, it turns out there are a lot of factors to consider. Contributors to sustainability include natural resource conservation, renewable energy for manufacturing, emissions, recyclable products, supply chain transparency, social impact, and good stewardship. A lot goes into those Vanity Fair napkins, Brawny paper towels, and Angel Soft rolls of toilet paper. Learn what one company, Georgia-Pacific, is doing to address these concerns, and how to choose sustainable paper products for yourself.

History of the Most Popular Cocktails in the World

History of the Most Popular Cocktails in the World 1 Whether you are a cocktail aficionado or a casual imbiber, learn about the history of the most popular cocktails in the world and how they came to be.

Whether you are a cocktail aficionado or a casual imbiber, learn about the history of the most popular cocktails in the world and how they came to be. Cocktails are as old as America, dating back to the late 1700s. Initially a mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, cocktails were introduced to liqueurs in …

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Protect Your Privacy Online

how to protect your privacy online

I’ve never put much thought into protecting my privacy online or the implications of my not caring. I’ve spent years granting all sorts of permissions and not thinking about what that meant. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so what did I have to hide? Part of my thought process came from skimming through Edward Snowden’s …

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