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MK Library focuses on travel, food, and life.

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I had the pleasure of working with Michael on a recent influencer marketing campaign with a tourism board. I was immediately impressed by how responsive he was to emails and the unique, fun, and engaging spin he put on his blog and social media posts. Michael puts his heart and soul into the visual content he creates for his clients and is an influencer I would strongly recommend for any travel-related campaign.

Charlotte Klein, Digital Marketing Associate
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In two months, the sponsored blog post sent over 20,000 impressions. The clients were extremely pleased as these results far exceeded their expectations and noted my content surpassed the quality and was much more exciting than many other bloggers used in their campaign.

Sponsored blog posts reach new customers ready to buy who know your products and services are well thought out and researched.

Instagram shares increases your fan base to a rabid and engaged following.

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About MK Library 2 MK Library focuses on travel, food, and life.

About MK Library 3 MK Library focuses on travel, food, and life.

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