How To Open A Pomegranate

How to open a pomegranate

Both lucky and unlucky to have friends with gorgeous pomegranate trees, I’ve spent a lot of time testing the best methods on how to open a pomegranate. Not to be dramatic, but embarking on the journey of eating a pomegranate has always required a fair amount of fortitude on my part. If you are anything …

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Exploring Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey

Exploring knappogue castle irish whiskey

Whether you are already a whiskey lover or just starting to explore, Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey is an excellent starting point. Remarkably smooth, you can enjoy a glass of Knappogue neat or on the rocks, or even enjoy its complexities in a craft cocktail.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker Guide

Aeropress coffee maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is an affordable piece of coffee equipment that makes a spectacular cup of coffee and is light enough to take anywhere. Learn how to fine-tune your coffee-making technique and come along on my Aeropress journey! I’ve been hearing the buzz surrounding the AeroPress coffee maker for a while now but never …

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The Origins of Tipping Culture in the United States

The origins of tipping culture in the united states

The tipping culture we experience today wasn’t always the way it was throughout the United States. The cultures of tipping in Europe and the United States were polar opposites at one time. Somewhere along the way in the 1800s, the culture of tipping for service fell out of favor in Europe and rose to a …

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Platespotting at The Village Feast

Platespotting at the village feast featured

The Village Feast is a low-waste event, put on in Davis, California, by Davis Farm to School. The nonprofit benefits Les Dames D’Escoffier, Sacramento, and Davis Farm to School. Both organizations work in support of early and continued education around food and agriculture. The Dames provide scholarships to women in food, wine, and agriculture, while …

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Understanding Coffee: Processing and Sourcing

Coffee processing

As an avid coffee drinker, I wanted to reach a better understanding on where my coffee came from. What are the things that happen to coffee before it even reaches the store where I buy the beans? What was the flavor impact of some of these words and terminology I’ve seen on coffee bags? A …

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Celebrating World Fair Trade Day – Fair for Farmers

World fair trade day featured

Beginning in 2001, World Fair Trade Day began with the goal of connecting dedicated fair trade brands with consumers. A dedicated fair trade company goes beyond using fair trade ingredients – the entire supply chain is fair trade, from top to bottom. The fair trade business model supports small-scale farmer movements, takes stances on global politics, …

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Sunflower Seed Oil in the Kitchen and its Fantastic Health Benefits

Sunflower seed oil tohkin

Sunflower Seed Oil is a light, healthy oil to incorporate into your cooking. From its immense vitamin E and omega-6 content to anti-inflammatory properties and phytosterol compounds, a high smoke point of 440°F / 225°C provides an incredibly versatile oil. Grab your spatula – let’s learn how to properly use sunflower seed oil in your kitchen, as well …

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Kombucha Brewing Equipment – The Basics

Kombucha brewing equipment basics

As I foray into the world of Kombucha, I found myself in need of a quick go-to Kombucha brewing equipment list. I wanted to start small, and slowly work my way up into being able to improve my brewing and quality. There is a lot of cool and fairly inexpensive equipment to help with this. …

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