Cooking with Lavender – A Culinary Herb Beyond Colorful Aromatics

Cooking with lavender field

It was a long hot summer day, seven years ago in September, when I first discovered the wonders of cooking with lavender. A friend’s coworker had opened up a boutique ice cream shop and was experimenting in making different ice creams with various ingredients each week. The day I chose to drop in and try the ice cream was …

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Carpe Vino! Seize the Budget Wines

Finding budget and value wines

Value wines are a great place to start when exploring different varietals and regions without breaking the bank. However, remember a lot of the varietal differences are far less pronounced than at higher end wine. Budget wines should be used to get a feel for the style of wine you like, but not an end-all …

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Swiss Chard Behind the Scenes – Vibrant Taste Comparison

Swiss chard

Swiss chard, rainbow chard, bright lights, green chard, silverbeet, perpetual spinach, crab beet, seakale, mangold, spinach (in South Africa) – these are all pretty much the same thing with different names. I haven’t encountered too many recipes which call for raw chards. It can be tough and stringy, which isn’t pleasant for the unsuspecting chewer. When cooked …

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