Pickleball Equipment and Accessories Gift Guide for Every Type of Player

Pickleball equipment and accessories

By now, you’ve probably heard of the pickleball hype currently sweeping the nation. Whether it’s for the pickleball enthusiast in your life or for feeding your own pickleball addiction, this is your go-to pickleball equipment and accessories gift guide for every type of player. These gifts will help improve your game and make you look …

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Thassos Greece: Beaches, Tavernas, and Adventure

Thassos greece island beach aegean sea

Thassos Greece, located in the Northern Aegean Sea, is the perfect summer vacation spot for those looking to escape the overcrowded Western tourist hotspots. Discover through firsthand experience the best places to eat, swim and visit while exploring the Island of Thassos. Whether this is your first or fifth time visiting Greece, this is one …

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The Chalk It Up Sacramento Art Festival: An Artist’s Perspective

Chalk it up sacramento 2021

Apart from drawing hop-scotch squares as a child, I had zero experience creating chalk art before participating in this year’s Chalk It Up Art Festival in Sacramento. Participating in Chalk It Up turned out to be incredibly rewarding. The long days chalking in the Sacramento heat were challenging, but I was satisfied with the end …

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Sacramento’s Last Historic Street Clock

Sacramentos last historic clock

The historic Fred Mayes Jewelers street clock that decorates the sidewalk on 10th and J street is likely the last of its kind in Sacramento. Standing at around 16-feet tall, this 100-year-old towering timepiece is a peek into Sacramento’s past. At night, the clock becomes illuminated by gold and white neon lights in the shape …

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5 Simple De-Stressing Solutions

Simple de-stressing solutions

I’m a sensitive person. Small annoyances, nervousness, or even slight discomfort can easily awaken the anxiety monster within me, crouched and ready to wreak havoc. While I have immediate methods of de-stressing during panic attacks, I’ve learned to integrate some simpler calming rituals into my daily routine for life’s little everyday stressors. Here are some …

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker Guide

Aeropress coffee maker

After purchasing my first AeroPress, I did plenty of testing to create this comprehensive AeroPress Coffee Maker Guide. An AeroPress coffee maker is an affordable piece of coffee equipment that makes a spectacular cup of coffee and is light enough to take anywhere. Learn how to fine-tune your coffee-making technique and come along on my …

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