Save Money in a Tiny House: Our Monthly Living Expenses

Tiny house cost of living

Mrs. Epic and I have been officially living in the Epic Tiny House for nearly 10 months! We’ve been paying close attention to our monthly living expenses, and we thought you may be interested to see what it costs to actually LIVE in a tiny house! Before we dive into the expenses, keep in mind …

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Our Tiny House Tankless Water Heater

Tiny house water heater options

If you’re anything like me, a long, hot shower is not just a luxury, it’s a NECESSITY. That’s why when it came time to choose a water heater, I carefully considered all of my options. When looking for the right water heater, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself: If you want …

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6 Steps to Winterize Your Tiny Home

Preparing your tiny house for winter

In the words of our beloved Lord Stark of Winterfell, “Winter is coming.” Since moving from sunny California to Tennessee, we’ve had to adapt to the colder weather with some winter prep for our tiny house. This is critical if you live in an area where it regularly gets to below freezing temperatures. Here’s what we …

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Tiny House Propane Stove Options

Tiny house propane cooktops

While researching how to design our tiny house kitchen, we discovered that there were a lot of tiny house propane stove options out there. We narrowed down the list by asking ourselves these key questions: Do we want two or four burners? How much space are we going to have for the Tiny House Propane …

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Laundry in a Tiny House: Pros & Cons

Doing laundry in a tiny house

One of the first questions people ask me AFTER “You really live in a tiny house?” is, “But how do you do your laundry in a tiny house?“ Well, there are actually a few options when it comes to laundry in a tiny house. Let’s check out the pro’s and con’s of each option: Wash your …

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Keeping Cool in a Tiny House

Keeping cool in our tiny home.

Here are some ways we’ve come up with to keep cool inside our tiny home during those simmering summer months! When planning our tiny house build, we also wanted to do everything we could to minimize our utility bills, especially when it comes to cooling down a house in summer heat. Choose your insulation carefully. …

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Pet Friendly Tiny House: Helping Our Cat Feel At Home

Bucket and mr. Epic in their epic tiny home

When you’re building a tiny house, it’s important not to forget about the furry members of your family (and no, I’m not referring to Uncle Frank). Here’s how we made our tiny home pet friendly: Our little baby boy and tiny house pet is named Bucket. He’s most definitely our child because he demands so much attention! …

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Simple Tiny Home Storage Couch Bed Tutorial

We designed this custom storage couch with our budget and unique storage needs in mind for living comfortably in our tiny house. The finished product allows for ample storage, both behind the back rest and within the ottomans that slide underneath the bench of the couch. For overnight guests, the couch converts effortlessly to a full size …

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Exciting Tiny House Move Cross-Country

Tiny house move

We moved our tiny house on wheels from California to Tennessee. Roughly 2,300 miles in two and a half days. It was exciting, nerve-racking and ultimately very rewarding to move across the country with our tiny house on wheels. We spent nearly a week scouting areas that we might want to move to in Tennessee and …

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Tiny House Plumbing: Gray Water Disposal

An important question all “tiny housers” must consider: Where will our waste water go?  Truthfully, I don’t like to even call it waste water. Waste typically refers to something that can’t be recycled, restored, or reused. This doesn’t have to be the case with gray water. Depending on the system set up and the substances …

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