Will and Alicia

The DIY Tiny House idea started in 2014. A complete DIY process, Will and Alicia did everything themselves from drawing up the plans, building the framework, electrical, plumbing, and finishing touches and appliance selections.Over several years, they documented what it was like to live in a Tiny House, conducting very thorough research on how to solve the many issues and problems which come up. In 2019, they sold their Tiny House as their lives continued to evolve and change.You can continue to follow the lives of Will and Alicia at @ironwillruns on Instagram.

the tiny house by will and alicia

Our Tiny House Origin Story

Out Tiny House Origin Story is one of EPIC proportions! Well, maybe? I think it’s an origin story more about us waking up, realizing that the traditional “American dream” isn’t all that dreamy after all. Our trailer is ordered and will be here mid-April with the intention of getting started …

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the tiny house by will and alicia

The DIY Tiny House Build is Finished

Our tiny house is finished! YAY! Why start blogging about it now? Well, yes, I suppose we are doing this backwards, as most people out there blog about their experience while building their tiny house. We tried to blog while building, sharing as we progressed in early/mid 2015 but we became overwhelmed with it …

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