6 Smart Ways To Protect Your Valuables When Traveling

Imagine you’re out on vacation, soaking in the new sights, the local chatter, and those tantalizing smells of street food. And then, out of nowhere, someone swoops in and grabs your bag. That bag held everything – your cash stash, passports, and go-to currency card. Just like that, you’re feeling exposed and vulnerable.

6 smart ways to protect your valuables when traveling

According to research, this is a common experience for many, with some of the top items that usually get lost or stolen being phones, cameras, and tablets. So, it’s time to step up the game to shield your precious belongings. Check out these smart tips for the best results. 

  1. Blend in 

Blending into the location you find yourself will help reduce the likelihood of being robbed, as people may not easily notice you’re unfamiliar with the area. Walking around and constantly checking your phone screen may make it obvious you’re lost.

You’re even more susceptible if your wallet is in your back pocket, making you an easy target. That is because pickpockets and thieves tend to zero in on folks who stick out like a sore thumb, caught up in the newness and carrying some pretty valuable goods.

So, although you may be a tourist, try to quickly acquaint yourself with the surroundings and way of life so you can easily blend in for a safer travel experience

  1. Use a decoy wallet 

It can be a terrible scenario when someone demands your wallet on a deserted street. However, in the unfortunate case where you experience this, having a decoy wallet can come in handy.

It’s the backup wallet you stash with expired cards, an old ID, and a bit of cash you don’t mind parting with, just enough to satisfy any stranger who accosts you, making them think they hit the jackpot when it doesn’t mean much.

Meanwhile, your actual wallet is stashed away safe and sound, with most of your cash cleverly tucked inside your shoe’s sole – a smooth move to outsmart any grab-and-go types. And that leads to the next point.

  1. Keep your possessions in multiple places 

Avoid hiding away all your valuables in one spot, as it’s a recipe for disaster. If one bag disappears and it’s holding all your goodies, you’re in a tough spot. Spread out your valuables and cash across different spots in your luggage and on yourself.

This way, if something goes south, you have backup cash and cards within reach. Plus, when you’re in bustling tourist spots, it’s not always cool to lug around all your luggage. That’s where luggage storage proves helpful. It’s like a haven for your stuff, ensuring it’s secure while you go out and about.

For instance, if you’re touring London and want a safe space to store your luggage while on the go, you can search online for luggage storage in London to keep your belongings safe and enjoy your adventures worry-free. 

  1. Ditch the shoulder bags

Snatch-and-grab thieves zooming by on bikes or mopeds can swipe your shoulder bag in a flash. It’s a common issue worldwide, making it vital to know how to dodge this.

Stay sharp, walk against the traffic flow on the inner sidewalk, and keep your handbag over both shoulders, away from the street side, snug against your body.

Ladies, try gripping it with one hand, and if someone tries to pull it, at least it’s still in your hold. 

  1. Go plastic 

Having a wad of cash on you can be a worry. That’s because if your bag gets swiped or messed with, you’re out a bunch of money. Instead, consider using a currency card. These cards are super light and fit anywhere in your bag.

The coolest part is that if you misplace the card, a replacement will be on its way in no time. And if you lose your cash, you can reload your Forex card with more money so you won’t be stranded in a foreign land. 

6 smart ways to protect your valuables when traveling
  1. Research your destinations 

Before jetting off, doing a little research is key. It’s your secret weapon against any travel mishaps. The internet is a goldmine of info on safe neighborhoods and countries, areas to avoid, and the classic travel tricks to watch out for.

You only need to search for “Tourist Scams in (Your Destination)” or “Pickpockets in (Your Destination)” to uncover the scoop on what might be lurking in that area and how to spot them. 

People who’ve delved into the culture of the places they’re visiting end up having a blast and gaining much more from their trip.

But if things don’t go as planned, life has twists and turns. Losing stuff is a hassle, no doubt, but remember, most things can be replaced. It’s the adventures and memories that truly count, and those are yours to keep, no matter what happens.

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