12 Best Places To Travel As A Student On A Tight Budget

After a whole year of study, it is essential to rest and have fun. So, there is nothing better than discovering a foreign landscape during a well-deserved vacation. But where can you go when you are on a tight budget? Read on to discover the 12 best places to travel as a student.

12 best places to travel as a student on a tight budget

1. Spain

12 best places to travel as a student on a tight budget

Spain is of course a fantastic destination, especially for its festive summers and impressive cultural heritage. With its dynamic cities and diverse landscapes, a visit to this country is sure to please. The budget per day for a stay in Spain is affordable. Even better, there are ways to reduce costs if you opt for camping, a small hotel, and so on.

You may visit places such as Barcelona or Malaga for the sea, parties, good food, and culture. Galicia is a good place for hiking, good wine, and fresh air. In order to guarantee success, buy essays online on safe buying essay paper websites while you are traveling.

2. Malta

12 best places to travel as a student on a tight budget

Malta is without a doubt one of the best places to party with friends during vacations. The atmosphere is great in most cities and parties usually last all night. You will have time to walk the street and go from bar to bar. Whichever music you like, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

Malta serves as an ideal destination for students seeking to relax and rejuvenate after an intense study period. If you are traveling because of study burnout, read some books that can help college students with mental issues. Then, you will enjoy your budget vacation and learn to deal with your problem at the same time.

Nearly everything is cheap in Malta. Entrance to the bars and clubs is usually free and cocktails are not very expensive.

3. Turkey

12 best places to travel as a student on a tight budget

The Turkish Riviera is a budget-friendly destination. If you’re looking for a vacation destination for young people, look no further than the small town of Turunç, near the bustling city of Marmaris. In Turunç, you’ll find your own piece of paradise on a beach away from the crowds, and enjoy the warm attitude of the locals.

4. Germany

12 best places to travel as a student on a tight budget

Germany is a European country with a very developed artistic and architectural culture. You will have something for everyone at an affordable price. You can visit Berlin for the city, the party, and the cultural heritage. You can also visit the south via Nuremberg, Stuttgart, and Munich, dynamic cities near the Alps. There you can find mountains and beautiful old buildings.

5. Croatia

If Split is so attractive, it is because life is really cheap in this Croatian city. A meal in a restaurant costs only an average of $8. These low prices make the city one of the favorite seaside destinations for young people. If you love beaches, this beautiful country is the place to go!

6. Bulgaria

When it comes to partying by the sea with a pleasant climate, the number one destination is Bulgaria. If you are looking for low-cost parties, go to the Golden Sands on the Black Sea. Every year, the Bulgarian coast attracts thousands of holidaymakers with its beautiful beaches and numerous clubs with unique access to the sea.

7. Romania

Romania can fulfill your desires for adventures thanks to its cities gathering ancient and contemporary activities for a minimal budget.

You may visit Bucharest for monuments, activities, and the city itself which mixes historical districts with contemporary buildings. Bucovina is a more natural region between mountains, meadows, and forests. Finally, you can go to Transylvania to visit the place that inspired the character of Dracula!

8. Lisbon

Portugal is known to be a country where life is not expensive. In fact, in all areas, prices are low for nearly everything (food, clubbing, accommodation). This makes it one of the ideal destinations for students. Of course, you may wonder if the fact that it is the capital city does not make its prices slightly higher. Well, it turns out that it does not! The prices in Lisbon remain very affordable.

The capital city of Portugal remains small enough for you to do everything on foot. Do you want to get out of the city? You can take the train, it costs only $5 to reach the nearest beaches.

9. Greece

Whether in the Ionian, Mediterranean, or Aegean Seas, Greece offers a number of islands, each as beautiful as the next. There are a lot of choices when it comes to destinations. For example, visiting the island of Paros in the Cyclades archipelago. This place is in the center of the archipelago and will allow you to visit many other islands at the same time.

If you still have some time left during your holidays, you may visit Crete. It is the largest island in Greece and is also affordable to discover.

10. Italy

One of the most coveted destinations in the world is Italy! Gastronomy, architecture, cost of living, and atmosphere, there are many reasons to go to this country.

In Italy, you will not need to spend much money to enjoy your vacation. You will be able to find a hotel and good deals everywhere to reduce your budget. For a change, you can choose a different destination than other travelers. Apart from Pisa, Venice, Naples, and Rome, you can go to Puglia in the south of Italy. It is a small region full of charm on the coast, or Cagliari in Sardinia, an island below Corsica.

11. Glasgow

There is only one city where you can have fun without breaking your piggy bank, and it is Glasgow. This city is Scotland’s largest city and has something for everyone. Are you an art and culture lover? This is your lucky day. In Glasgow, most museums are free. If you want to discover the trendy side of the city, head to King Tut’s, the bar where the band Oasis was discovered.

If you are more of an outdoor enthusiast, Ben Lomond, the mountain above the famous Loch, is easily accessible. If a whisky tasting seems too refined for you, you can always follow the old tradition of trying the Glasgow sub-crawl. This is a pub crawl where you will discover the mysterious underground of the city.

12. The Netherlands

Amsterdam remains a city that attracts many young people. The most romantic ones will think of the canals and the bike rides. But the most offbeat will advocate more debauchery with the red light district, the sex museum, and the coffee shops. Once again, we can say that there will be something for everyone, even for the extremes.

If you wish to discover something other than the city center, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, The Hague, or Rotterdam can also be good cities to visit!

In conclusion, exploring the world as a student on a tight budget is not only possible but can be incredibly rewarding. The 12 destinations featured in this blog post offer a diverse range of experiences, from vibrant nightlife and rich cultural heritage to breathtaking natural beauty and opportunities for personal growth. If you choose one of the above countries for your holidays, you will surely have a great time. Students who want to stay in their home country can choose places like New Mexico offering lots of activities.

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