How To Give Your Aging Parents The Comfortable and Happy Life They Deserve

Most elderly seniors don’t need help from others. Generally, most of them are busy helping others and contributing to their families and communities. They are wiser and more experienced than you are. It’s easy to think they’ll always be there. Unfortunately, they’ll get to an age where they require some help from others. And when this moment arrives, it’s normal to be in denial.

How to give your aging parents the comfortable and happy life they deserve

Maybe you’re unprepared to venture into the world without them. Sometimes, you could be worried that their health is declining. However, you’ll need to face reality – your elderly loved one isn’t getting any younger. This is why you need to ensure they receive the best care when old age kicks in. Here’s how.

  1. Consider Aging Care Options

Caring for your elderly loved one can be a daunting task. And sometimes, you may not always be available to cater to your parents’ needs. The team at arcare.com.au recommends looking for senior care options to fit their needs.

Before you begin your search, talk with your elderly loved one and other family members. This ensures everyone is on the same page and that you all agree with hiring an external caregiver.

You could also look for adult family homes in your area and see if that’s a better fit for your elderly loved one. In some cases, adult family homes can provide a more personalized and homely environment that may be beneficial for your loved one.

  1. Include them in the Process

No one wants to lose control of their life. This can be hard to process – especially for someone concerned about losing their independence. This is why you need to involve your elderly parents in planning for their care.

Doing this makes them see you as a partner. However, they may disagree with the idea at first. Follow up with multiple conversations until they agree.

  1. Step Out with Them

Is there a gender-friendly movie showing over the weekend? Are there communal concerts in your local area? When do you go shopping?

Try and do all these activities with your aging parents. Besides attending local events, tag them along when attending entertainment venues in the city. All these are festivities your aging parent could be interested in.

  1. Teach them About Technology to Maintain Communication

A laptop with a webcam is a bridge to anyone in the family. If your aging parent is willing, teach them how to use laptops, computers, or smartphones. This can open a new world for them. Also, it’ll help maintain communication if you live far away. What’s more, imagine the joy they’ll have watching exciting videos on YouTube.

  1. Understand their Cultural Needs

If your parents are passionate about their culture, they may want to retain the same connection. When looking for a nursing home, ask them if their community supports people from diverse backgrounds.

You also want to ensure the staff is culturally sensitive. It can be unpleasant when someone tells your parents that their cultural diet can’t be catered to. So, remember to inquire about all this and relay the same to your parents.

  1. Incorporate Safety Nets

Start by setting up a support system to keep your parents safe. Choose a system that can intrude on their routine from time to time. For instance, a medical alert system is essential. You can also purchase wearable pendants. These will come in handy should a medical emergency or an accident happen.

  1. Help them Stay Active

Regular exercise is your parent’s best strategy for aging in place. Staying fit helps older people maintain the strength of their muscles, joints, and bones. Exercise also builds stamina and can lower the risk of falls.

Also, physical activity can help treat depression, reduce memory issues, and curb dementia and mental decline. Start by engaging them in light exercises such as walking or jogging.

  1. Help the Avoid Scams

Your aging parent can quickly become addicted to gambling and lottery contests. They’re more likely to be conned and scammed by engaging in these activities. Most can’t tell a genuine lotto game from a scam.

If you’re regularly available, inspect the mail and any entry forms. Look for any fishy offers of “prizes” or mails saying “you won!”.

  1. Assess the Financial Needs

Most of us are uncomfortable when discussing matters involving money. However, it’s in your best interest to discuss money issues immediately after your parents retires. Start by assessing your parent’s net worth.

Calculate their retirement savings, assets, pensions, and other income. Based on the figures you get, how long would the cash last? Discuss all these financial aspects with your parents.

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