Great Games To Play With Your Kids To Help Them Learn New Things

Being a parent is not an easy task, especially since there is not a universal way to raise kids – every child is different and requires a specific kind of treatment. But there are easys to make this whole process a lot easier and it revolves around mixing play with knowledge.

Teaching your kids new things through creative and fun activities is probably the most effective way to make your child learn! So here are great games to play with your kids to help them learn new things! 

Simon says 

If your child is not cooperating well and is simply not doing their chores – there is a clever way to make them do it! By playing a game called Simon says, you are basically telling your child what to do each round.

One of those rounds could be cleaning the room, putting away their toys, brushing their hair – just start with ‘Simon says’ and continue with whatever task you want your child to do! This will teach your children that those tasks are just a regular activity in everyday life, and it can boost their productivity.

Children won’t know the difference between playing and doing work, which is ideal in the development stages!

Baking together

Children love to male all sorts and kinds of slimes and concoctions, but instead of just mixing random ingredients try to make a proper meal instead. There are lots of easy recipes that you can make with your child – especially if there is a lot of mixing involved, your child will have a blast!

This way, you can teach your child the different vegetables, meats, spices, and other ingredients while also showing them how a proper meal is made! Little by little, your child will get better at cooking, so they won’t have to learn on their own later on in life! 

Play pretend

Dressing up and playing a different role is a common child’s play and it also allows kids to learn a lot of things through it! By playing different characters, the child is forced to look at things from a different point of view, it boosts their imagination and improves communication skills which are extremely important.

This can also be a sneaky way to make your children do boring tasks like homework or chores – just create a compelling story,  tell your child that they are a superhero who needs to clear up the path aka the bedroom floor! 


Learning words is essential for children, but sometimes they are not interested and up for the task. That’s why it’s smart to use games such as mad limbs or hangman as fun, group activity, or even try something digital, as there are so many games that revolve around words.

Simple yet mind-boosting web games are also a valuable asset – unscramble.me can make your child think and get a better grasp of the language. Learning words and how to comfortably use the vocabulary can make your child a lot wiser in the long run! 

Blocks and puzzles

Naturally, children are explorers and inventors, so allowing them to do so freely is pretty beneficial. By giving the puzzles to unlock and blocks to build something, will boost their brain and productivity levels.

It’s really important to give your child the mental stimulation that they truly need and this can easily be done by buying toys such as Legos and jigsaw puzzles can certainly help with better focus and overall make them think harder.

On the other hand, if your child is a bit older, leaning on the young adolescent side, giving them a Rubik’s cube is a great idea! 

Arts and crafts

Regardless of how young your child is, it’s never too early to start drawing! Statistically, all children like to draw early on, so make sure you prepare lots of colorful crayons and markers! With that being said, this way they can learn the basic colors, tones, shapes, different objects, and animals but you can also use art to teach your children important lessons about self-expression and creativity.

Art should definitely always be incorporated in your child’s schedule, as it brings so many benefits – it’s fun, relaxing, but also educational and useful if you make it that way! 

Playing in nature

Take your child outside and play together in nature. This is a perfect time to teach your child about the world and the different types of plants!

By playing a little game of guessing the plant or guessing the insect, your child will learn the different species, but also learn to respect and cherish the nature around them! Teaching children to be environmentally aware from a young age is a must nowadays!

Singing and dancing

There is more to singing and dancing than just having fun – children can learn valuable skills through these activities. Confidence is extremely important, especially during the developing years! By making your child sing and dance without shame can rid them of shyness and discomfort!

It can be incredibly hard to break down those walls, but it’s necessary!  There are some video games that are designed to entertain your child whilst making them jump around like the game called Just dance – that should trick even the extremely shy kids! 

Playing with dolls

Stuffed animals, much like dolls, offer a world of imagination and creativity for children. These soft and cuddly toys are often a child’s first companions, providing comfort during bedtime and becoming trusty sidekicks during playtime adventures.

Engaging in pretend play with stuffed animals can help children develop empathy, as they often care for these toys as if they were real pets or friends. They learn about nurturing, responsibility, and even problem-solving as they navigate various scenarios in their imaginative play.

In recent times, there’s been a growing trend towards organic stuffed animals. These toys are made from organic materials, free from harmful chemicals and dyes, ensuring a safer play environment for kids. Parents are becoming more conscious of the materials that come in contact with their children, and organic stuffed animals offer peace of mind.

Great games to play with your kids to help them learn new things

Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also tend to be softer and more durable. Investing in organic toys is a step towards promoting sustainable practices and teaching children the importance of caring for our planet.

Using dolls and creating characters is fun, but it’s also educational – you can teach your children about compassion and how to communicate with other people. This is extremely important, especially if you are raising an only child – this can teach them how to be more social!

Also, you can try puppetry by creating a homemade puppet theatre, coming up with a compelling and educational story, and presenting it to your child through the dolls! This is a good trick to keep your child focused on the dolls and the story while subconsciously learning about the hidden message behind it! 

Whether it’s dolls, stuffed animals, or any other toy, the key is to strike a balance between fun and learning. Children are naturally curious, and playtime is an excellent opportunity to feed that curiosity with knowledge.

By observing their preferences and incorporating educational elements subtly, parents can ensure that their child’s playtime is both enjoyable and enriching. Remember, the goal is to foster a love for learning, and what better way to do that than through play?

At the end of the day, try to see what your child prefers when it comes to games and different types of play – that way you can add the educational element to it. It’s all about adjusting and giving your child exactly what they need. Avoid anything stressful or too boring, it should be fun and carefree, yet educational enough!

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