7 Ways to Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

For the past several years, individuals and clothing companies alike have joined the growing trend in slow fashion. Slow fashion is a movement that emphasizes sustainable and fair practices when sourcing, producing, and distributing clothing and accessories. You can make these small changes to your fashion habits to support slow fashion and help the planet.

7 ways to make more sustainable fashion choices

Recognize the value of slow fashion. Overall, sustainable clothing is going to cost a bit more at the outset. You should shift your mindset to view slow fashion pieces as an investment: you’re paying more up front, but you’re investing in high quality, sustainable pieces that will last you for a long time. At the same time, you’re investing in a better future for the environment.

Opt for trend-resistant styles. When you buy clothes and accessories, even if you’re just buying them from your favorite department store, try to find classics like pearls, metallics, stones, and neutral tones. These pieces have been in style for decades, they’re extremely durable, and they don’t seem to be leaving the scene anytime soon. This means that you can use these pieces for longer and reduce the amount of waste, all while still staying fashionable.

 Stop using your dryer. This suggestion may seem a bit drastic at first, and if you quit using your dryer altogether, it might be. But one of the simplest and most impactful ways to support the environment with your fashion choices is to hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer. This reduces your energy consumption by a lot, and it is also a lot gentler on your clothes. So, not only are you cutting back on your energy use (and your power bill), but you’re also giving your clothes a longer life. This two-fold effect is what make this tactic one of the most effective ways to boost the sustainability of your fashion choices.

 Recycle or donate used clothing. In countries all around the world, many major retailers are offering customers the chance to recycle textiles and used clothing. There are also many places to donate used clothing; it is then either distributed to people in need, sold in a second-hand shop, or recycled. Either way, the old clothing stays away from the landfill, which helps promote more eco-friendly fashion. Another way to help decrease wasted textiles is to get bespoke clothing; the process of making one specialty item at a time prevents overstock that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

 Give a new life to your old clothes. You can breathe new life into your existing wardrobe by adding some strategic accessories or by repurposing fading or worn out clothing. The main goal in slow fashion is to make the clothes last longer. This means that you can find new ways to keep the outfit fresh, or you can find new looks or new uses for outfits that you just can’t wear anymore.

Use accessories made from natural materials. One way to cut down on the environmental impact of your fashion choices is to opt for items made from sustainably sourced materials. This applies to both textiles and accessories. A popular trend now is wooden fashion products that bring a classy touch to your look. Such products are designed to be durable and used for many years, so you can reduce waste and boost sustainability when you choose pieces made from natural materials.

Demand sustainable options from retailers. Remember, since you’re the one spending your money on clothing, you’re the one that retailers and companies will be listening to. You can make it clear to retailers that you want sustainable options. Of course, this isn’t a solution that you can implement all by yourself. Instead, you can look for information, petitions, and groups online that monitor and promote sustainable brands and retailers. And be careful of shallow marketing campaigns that paint a company as a champion of the environment! Be sure to do plenty of research before believing that what they’re actually offering is slow fashion.

All in all, there are so many small changes that you can make to help out the planet without sacrificing your style. By participating in the slow fashion movement, you can get the most out of your clothing and accessories while also saving the environment.

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