Top Birthday Party Themes Your Kids Will Love

Are you having trouble choosing the perfect birthday party theme for your kids’ big day? You know that picking the right theme can take their special day from ordinary to extraordinary and make for some memorable celebrations — but it can also be a daunting task! That’s why we created this helpful guide: To provide you with some of the top party themes that your kids will love. From superheroes and carnivals to rivalries and rainbows, these fun-filled ideas will surely create lasting memories for everybody involved. So check out these awesome picks today and plan an incredible birthday party!

Top birthday party themes your kids will love

Cartoon Themes Are Always Great

Cartoon themes are always a great option for kids’ birthday parties. Whether you go with classic cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie or modern favorites such as the Ninja Turtles, Bluey, or Frozen, these themes have something for everyone.  So whether you end up looking for Bluey party decorations, Ninja Turtle costumes, or a Frozen cake topper, your kids and their guests will be delighted by the fun cartoon characters. Plus, you can always create custom activities to go along with the theme like pin the tail on Mickey or an Elsa-themed costume contest! No matter which cartoon theme you choose, it’s sure to be a hit at your kids’ birthday party.

Under the Sea

If your kids love the ocean and all its creatures, a birthday party themed around Under The Sea is sure to be a hit! Dive right into the fun by decorating with sea-themed streamers and balloons, hiring a clown in a fish costume, or setting up an inflatable pool with small plastic sea creatures inside. Serve fish-shaped appetizers and drinks, give out underwater-inspired party favors, and play music from the Little Mermaid soundtrack for a truly enchanting experience. Your kids and their guests will love exploring the deep blue sea with this unique birthday party theme! 

Outer Space 

Create a galaxy of sparkly stars on your walls, use glow sticks as decorations, and have an astronaut-themed photo booth. Serve out-of-this-world snacks like star cookies and space ice cream, and let the kids make their own rocket ships from cardboard boxes. The possibilities for fun are endless at an Outer Space birthday party! Make sure to have plenty of sparklers, glow sticks, and twinkle lights on hand for some extra intergalactic magic. This is a great theme for kids of all ages, and they’re sure to have an out-of-this-world time celebrating with their friends! 


Calling all superheroes! Kids love playing the part of their favorite hero, so why not make it come alive at a superhero-themed birthday party? Put up decorations featuring those iconic logos and colors, hire an actor to come dressed up as the birthday child’s favorite superhero, and serve snacks and drinks in themed cups. Let your kids dress up in their best superhero costumes, then set up an obstacle course or play some super-powered games. This is one theme they won’t soon forget! 

Medieval Times 

Set up a knight’s castle with jousting tournaments, dress up guests in medieval garb or let them be their own knights and princesses, and provide food fit for royalty.  Let the kids have a royal time at a Medieval Times birthday party. You can provide helmets, swords, and shields for your little knights with which to battle it out in jousting tournaments or sword fights. Decorate with banners and flags symbolizing different medieval houses and serve food fit for royalty like roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. 

Top birthday party themes your kids will love

Carnival Fun

Bring the carnival to your birthday party with colorful decorations, carnival games like ring toss and tin can bowling, and a cotton candy machine for treats. Have a clown or magician on hand to keep the kids entertained, and provide each guest with their own bag of popcorn to munch on. Let your kids get into the carnival spirit and dress up in funny costumes for an extra festive touch! Carnival Fun is sure to be a hit among your guests. It’s easy to create a lively atmosphere of fun, laughter, and excitement with this theme. They won’t soon forget this birthday celebration, for sure!

In conclusion, with so many wonderful cartoons, underwater, outer space, superheroes, medieval and carnival-themed options available for kids’ birthdays, it’s easy to find something that fits your child’s personality. No matter which theme you choose, make sure to include plenty of fun activities and decorations. After all, a great birthday party is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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