The Essence of Good Essay Writing in 2022

There are lots of important skills that you’ll have to develop to move from one stage to another in school. The skills that we start developing from the moment we get to school are aimed at helping us solve real-world problems. Writing is one of the most important skills to have not only in college but also in the workplace. Writing is a skill that allows students to understand other important concepts that will help them succeed in their academics and career. However, most students don’t know how to write because they don’t understand the essence of writing. In this article, we are going to help you understand the essence of good essay writing in 2022.

The essence of good writing essay in 2022

Importance of good essay writing in 2022

As a college student, you’ve probably noticed how your tutors emphasize the importance of developing writing skills. While you’ll not be required to write an essay when you get employed, it’s important to develop your writing skills. The essays that you are required to write are not some form of punishment that tutors assign to give you sleepless nights. Writing is a skill that will not only help you grow as a student but also as a human being. Here are some of the benefits of developing your writing skills:

  1. It transforms your communication

Communication is an important skill that every learner should have not only to get good grades but also to succeed in life. Without clear communication, it can be quite difficult to exist in our modern world. That’s why writing has been integrated into your curriculum. Writing allows students to understand the rules of language and how to organize ideas coherently by using language. Spelling, grammar, gestures, and punctuation are key components of communication. And they can be improved when you start addressing your ideas directly to your audience.

  1. It improves creativity and imagination

Research studies have confirmed that every human being is naturally creative. When writing, specific areas of your brain are usually activated especially the frontal cortex. When we fail to demonstrate our creativity, we lose it in the long run. The more you write, the more your brain is forced to come up with ideas that you can help in solving real-life problems. By coming up with ideas and reflecting on them, you’ll get to explore the world around you and improve various situations that you find yourself in.

  1. Widens your knowledge base

Good essay writing will widen your knowledge base significantly. Before developing your ability to write, you need to be able to read. Writing a good essay requires a lot of research and time. When you conduct research extensively, you’ll get to understand a lot of concepts. Apart from widening your knowledge base, you’ll develop a good memory. You’ll get to learn things that happened in the past and how you can change your future by taking specific actions today.

  1. It is a key ingredient to your academic success

Writing plays an important role in your academic success. Writing has been identified as one of the key ingredients that learners must satisfy to get good grades and land their dream jobs. If you have a hard time writing a good essay, you should consider seeking essay reviews help today. Seeking help from reputable online services will allow you to work with experts in this field and learn a lot from them.

  1. It boosts your confidence

One of the most important reasons for writing a good essay in college is it boosts your level of confidence and sense of achievement. How do you feel when you complete a difficult essay or complex writing task? Fulfilled, right? Employing your skills to come up with a good essay satisfies the soul. Whether it’s a research paper, custom essay, or dissertation, completing your college assignment on time makes you a better person.

Alternatives to writing

While writing good essays has a lot of benefits, it’s not for everyone. Some students struggle to write despite knowing the benefits of these assignments. If you are having a hard time working on writing assignments, you should consider watching short education videos, presentations, and podcasts to name a few. While these activities cannot be compared to writing, they can help students enjoy the learning process and develop the skills that are needed to work on various school projects. To succeed in developing your cognitive and analytical skills, you should consider combining writing with these activities. This approach will help in developing your creativity, reasoning, and exploring other competencies.


We cannot emphasize enough the essence of good essay writing in college. It is one of the processes that allow individuals to present their thoughts logically and share insights that are meaningful to their audience. If you are having a hard time writing, don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it. There are a lot of essay writing companies that will help you understand and enjoy the writing process.

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