Tailwind Tribes – Ultimate Strategy Guide

Tailwind Tribes is an incredibly powerful tool to grow your Pinterest account and generate tons of traffic. However, one does not simply join any and every tribe in the hopes of skyrocketing your pins. I’ve created the ultimate list of Tailwind Tribes including invites and a unique scoring algorithm to help you strategize how to get the most out of Tribes.

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One does not simply tribes

Get Started with Tailwind Tribes

Getting started tailwind tribes

Sign Up for Tailwind – use this link for a free month and I get paid a small commission by Tailwind.

Tribes is a tool that enables you to grow with other bloggers! Tribes will also help you with two key problems that professional Pinterest users face everyday:

  1. Having a steady supply of high-quality content to share
  2. Getting your posts seen by the right people

With Tribes, you will be able to add your own content to a Tribe and have others view, schedule and share your content to their own audience. This is so helpful because not only are you sharing your own content, but you are leveraging the collectively large audience of your peers. Many tribes have a specific area of focus, whether it be for recipes, lifestyle, travel, fashion, parenting, and so on.

Tribing With Friends

Tailwind tribes with friends

If you decide to create a private Tribe with a few of your blogger friends, you will quickly realize the many benefits of Tribe collaboration. While you are searching and scheduling Pins across the web, you will be able to hand-pick content you would like to share with your Tribe members. Since the other Tribe members are doing the same, you end up with a pool of content by people you know and trust.

Although collaborating, networking and sharing content is not a new strategy, Tribes makes it easier for anyone to build relationships with fellow Pinners in developing successful marketing plans.

Joining Tribes which cater to high quality content and not just anything will help you quickly filter content that matches your own Pinterest account branding and strategy.

Everything You Need to Know About Tribes

Tailwind tribes help

The Tailwind knowledge base has everything you need to know, complete with photos and detailed steps with explanations. After signing up for Tribes, familiarize yourself with all of the functions of how it works. It should only take about an hour to read and play with everything. When you’re done, come back here and start finding some Tribes to join.

Ultimate List of Tailwind Tribes with Invite Links

Tailwind tribes ultimate list invite links

Before we get to the list, here are some important things to go over in order to best use the list. You can sort the list by Category to only join tribes relevant to your targeted niche. You can also sort by Score and see who has the highest quality tribe.

The score is an incredibly important metric, as it not only measures the Tribe effectiveness itself, but the followers of each Tribe member. If members of the Tribe have followers with a high engagement or repin rate, the Tribe scores higher.

Each Tribe begins with a score of 0. As different metrics are met and evaluated, the score increased based on different weights. There is no upper limit on the score. A good strategy is to look at the scores of Tribes in a category you focus on and pick out several which have a variety of scores from average to high.

Join MK Library’s very own curated tribe using this invite link.

  • Tribe: Name of the tribe with an invite link if available. If the name is not linked to an invite page, it has been removed for a number of reasons and you will have to perform your own research and outreach to get an invite.
  • Category: Type of pins the tribe primarily focuses on.
  • Pins: How many pins per member are shared within the tribe on average.
  • Reshares: How many times a pin is reshared within the tribe on average.
  • Repins: How many times a pin has been shared by tribe member followers on average.
  • Impressions: Number of times tribe member followers have viewed a pin on average.
  • Score: Proprietary algorithm which calculates a weighted score between the number of members in a tribe, the amount of pins shared, reshares, repins, and impressions, as well as some other analytical data and factors.

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View All Tailwind Tribes

Turns out I can’t put all the Tribes on this page or peoples devices start freezing!

Want to see all 200+ Tribes ranked? Follow me on Pinterest MK Library then click over to the Spreadsheet.

Tribe Owners:

If you would like the invite link to your tribe removed, please send me an email.

If your Tribe has received a low score, you may want to remove your low quality members and let me know to reevaluate your stats. You might also want to change your rules around or start filtering out more of the spam.

If you would like your tribe added and evaluated, please send me the invite link.

What Makes This The Best List of Tailwind Tribes?

You’ve probably seen the countless other posts of a similar topic. So have I. I’ve read nearly all of them. Let’s ignore the fact this is the only list which is scoring and ranking Tribes. These other lists are low quality! So many contain broken links to Tribes, duplicate entries, or simply link to a blogger’s about page without any mention of a Tribe. What’s the deal with that, anyways?

This list of Tailwind Tribes is very carefully curated, checked for duplicates, and links removed if the invite pages no longer work. If you’re like me, you’ve been absolutely frustrated with the low quality and broken links, wasting your time when you should be strategizing your Pinterest growth and putting your plan into action. Behind the scenes is a very complicated spreadsheet that helps me track so much more data and keep the quality control to a maximum.

That, my Pinning friends, is what makes this the best list of Tailwind Tribes. This is a high quality Tribes list you won’t find anywhere else.

Tailwind tribes ultimate guide pinterest

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  1. This is an awesome and informative post. I am so lost on Tailwind…it seems a little hard to figure out and requires a lot of time.. I a m soo not techy and get lost on some of these platforms

    I am signed up and invited to some tribes already, just not active :/



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