Simple Ways to Properly Tone Your Body

Many of us want to have a toned body with muscles to match, but what does it really mean? Toning does not refer to the size of any specific muscle in the body, rather it refers to the transformation of a muscle into a leaner one by burning intramuscular fat and training the muscle for better performance.

Simple ways to properly tone your body

For better understanding, toning is a form of physical exercise that is done with the aim of developing a physique that has got a larger emphasis on your muscles. So in the context of this article, the word toned means leanness in the body or low body fat and visible muscle shape. It, however, doesn’t actually translate to muscle size.

Now to the fun part, how can I tone my body into that dream body even if I’m not a fan of stressful exercises? No one is actually a fan of unnecessary stress. There are two basic steps toning requires which are the strengthening and development of your muscles. Including losing fat so your muscles are more visible and defined. Proper dieting and exercising are key in helping you get lean. However, like any endeavor, consistency is what produces the result you want. Read on to discover ways to tone your body without stress.

If you happen push your body too far, however, and injure yourself in the process, the recovery process is extremely important. Here is how to effectively help someone recover from a serious spinal injury.

Walk As Much As You Can

Do you know that walking is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of the fats in your body? Unlike normal rigorous training or HIIT, walking offers unnoticeable training stress to the body. This in turn results in a higher ratio of fat burn for you. 

The reason is that walking, which is a low-intensity exercise, depends more on fat reserves rather than stored carbohydrates for completion. Furthermore, walking helps us get rid of our deep abdominal fat which is a good thing if you want your body toned quickly. Make sure the footwear you put on supports you and is comfortable when walking. 

Electric Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, popularly referred to as E-Stim or EMS devices, makes use of electrical impulses to cause your muscles to contract.  This helps your muscles become stronger and leaner. With muscle stimulation, the muscles can contract naturally because of the electrical signals that are being sent from your brain. You’re strongly advised to pair EMS devices alongside your training routines. 

Eat Healthily

People rarely associate eating and being fit together. But it’s an important part of the endeavor. You need to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you take in fact more than you normally would. Apart from ensuring your heart remains healthy, they also provide you with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need. Food digests properly and you can tone up faster than you can imagine.

A similar thing applies when you eat lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fat. Eating healthy foods can help your muscles grow and be repaired better which would subsequently lead to the formation of lean muscle.

When healthy food is absent from your meals, you deny your muscles the opportunity to take shape making toning a harder feat to achieve. A balanced diet would ensure that your body gets the necessary nutrients and vitamins it requires to keep it functioning at optimum capacity and in top shape.

Drink Enough Water

Don’t get dehydrated. Drinking enough water and staying well-hydrated helps your body to get rid of toxins and keep you energized. You kill two birds with one stone – staying hydrated and getting your skin tightened. Try as much as you can to drink no less than two liters of water per day. It can be more than if you sweat a lot. You want to avoid taking alcohol or flavored drinks, those would only allow your body to retain water.

How would water help you tone your body?

The human muscles consist of 70-80% water which when dehydrated can result in the breakdown of your muscles. To increase the creation of new muscle tissue, you need to take enough water and the required electrolyte balance.


Stretching is actually underrated but being flexible can help you avoid aches and injuries. It can be just a simple daily routine; it doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. If you want toned shoulders, maintain a good posture with some proper stretching. You can also stretch your chest to elongate pecs and upper trapezius, putting your back straight and your arms raised to form a T-shape with your body. Another way to stretch is to squeeze your shoulder blades while ensuring your core is engaged. Maintain that stance for about 60 seconds to properly stretch your shoulders.

If you’ve been wondering how you could tone your body without having to pick up a day job at the gym, the simple ways listed in this article are for you. Do well to research more ways to tone your body as there are still others. Getting toned up can improve your self-confidence and help you look your best.

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