How To Effectively Help Someone Recover From A Serious Spinal Injury

Spinal injury refers to any physical damage to the spinal cord. It may occur due to car accidents, falls, or a medical condition. The amount of damage suffered will determine how serious the spinal injury will be. Apart from the physical effects, the trauma associated with the injury can also lead to emotional and psychological issues. 

One thing that’s rarely talked about is the fact that individuals with this injury are prone to poor sleep quality. If you have someone experiencing this issue, you might want to include magnesium glycinate for sleep in their daily diet. This will help reduce the levels of cortisol and improve their sleeping cycle, which is crucial for overall health.

Healing from this kind of injury requires a healthy support system for the injured to recover quickly and effectively. If you have a loved one in your life who has suffered from a serious spinal injury and you want to understand how you can be there for them in this time, continue reading. We have compiled a list of ways in which you can help them to recover effectively.


It’s important to educate yourself on their injury and what it entails; this will enable you to be more empathetic towards them and provide the help they truly need. You could speak to their doctor to get a clear understanding of what they are personally going through as well as useful resources, such as online forums or books.

When you understand the specific treatments they require and the type of support they need, it will make things easier for you and them. Have open, candid conversations with them to understand the type of support they seek and what they truly need.

Once you understand their health condition and what they require, meet those demands to help with quick recovery. Some patients might be not be aware of what’s required of them, or they just have a tendency to ignore the doctor’s instructions. If you’re dealing with such a person, let them know the importance of those recommendations and ensure that they adhere to these. 


Lack of exercise and diminishing strength can be a big problem for people with serious spinal injuries. Due to inactivity, the body tends to become weaker by day, which can have very negative effects in the recovery process. Small movements of every body part can go a long way in ensuring that the patient’s health improves. By helping them with exercises and physio, they will feel better physically and build a healthy, strong base to heal quicker.

The stronger a body is, the better it can bounce back. Helping them develop an exercise plan and perhaps helping them execute it, even if it only starts as a few minutes a day, will go a long way. 

Modify The Home 

In some instances, you may have to modify their home to make it easier for them to do things in the home without the risk of hurting themselves or further injury. It will also enable them to do things for themselves, which is good for their healing process and also good for their psychological well-being. Although you may want to jump in and do everything you can for them, it might be embarrassing or even frustrating for them.

The legal professionals at https://stokesstemle.com/ say that people suffering from a personal injury often feel overwhelmed and frustrated, not knowing where to turn to for help. By assisting them but not being too involved will give them space to learn and grow. Give them their autonomy and allow them to discover ways to do things despite their current health circumstances.

The better they feel about themselves, the more likely they are to recover quicker. Feeling low can hinder their recovery as they will be less motivated and may not want to always carry out all the necessary healing protocols.


Diet is key for any type of recovery. Eating well will improve energy levels, digestion, and overall health. Do some research and ensure their cupboards are fully stocked with healthy foods that will help support their rehabilitation.

Dark leafy greens are packed with nutrients that help promote healing after spinal injury. They are full of magnesium, necessary for regulating nerve and muscle functions. They also contain vitamin B9 that helps bone and neurological health. It also plays a big role in the development of the brain and spinal cord. 

Other foods to add to their diet include oily fish, nuts, berries, orange vegetables, and citrus fruits. Ensure they are drinking enough water. Water helps purify the body and rid it of toxins. It promotes healthy bowel movements.

Our body is mostly made up of water, and being dehydrated can harm our mood, productivity, and motor skills. To ensure their rehabilitation stays on track, they should stay hydrated every day. When the body is hydrated, it also helps the body absorb essential minerals and nutrients. 

If they struggle with this, you might want to get them a large bottle that they can sip on throughout the day or leave a jug close to them. Sometimes these small important things can be missed if they aren’t so easily available. 

Find Help

You should also try to get them other kinds of help they might need too, and there are a lot of these that you might want to consider. The truth is that finding help for your loved one after their injury might mean getting a doctor who knows what they are doing, and sometimes it might mean a personal injury lawyer to help with that side of things.

In any case, just try your best to get the help that they need, and that is going to make a huge difference to their lives.


If they don’t have any current hobbies or an interest they love, try to ignite their passions. Having a focus and a passion will give them motivation and drive. Even if it’s not directly related to their injury or healing, this enthusiasm will bleed into their injury recovery. 

It is difficult to see a loved one suffer, but you can help them on their path to recovery with a few adjustments and love. Remember to look out for yourself, too. Using the advice provided here will go a long way in helping your loved one recover.

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