Moving To Edinburgh

Looking for new jobs, leaving your loved ones, and selling your possessions when moving to a different place can be tough. There are many things you need to take into consideration before moving away. To help make it easier for you, here are some things to do before and after the move.

Moving to edinburgh

Things to do Before Moving

Visit Before Moving

It is good to visit the city and get a lay of the land. Get to know the culture and the people. You can explore the city and learn about its neighborhoods. You can also check out areas where you might want to live, evaluate flats and studios, utilizing a local service like Rentola.

Handle Your Possessions

There are a few things you need to handle. Unless your bank has a branch in Edinburgh, you need to get it closed. Think about selling your properties, unless you want to rent them out or have other ideas. Sell your motor vehicles if you aren’t going to take them along. Look around the house and think about what to take and what can be thrown away, sold, or given to charity.

Renting or Buying Property

According to your financial situation, figure out whether to buy or rent a place. Renting in Edinburgh can be easily done through the internet. Book a hotel room for a few days if you’re planning to buy a house or apartment, it is better to look at places in person and getting them inspected before spending a lot of money.

Finding Job Opportunities

For people that don’t already have a job lined up, look into job opportunities and start applying before you move. Research about different industries and companies to find out what kind of jobs are available. There are many online websites you can check, or ask for help if you know people in the city.

Things to do After Moving

Open Different Accounts

When you are getting settled, you need to think about opening a few accounts. Contact the utility companies to register and get all the necessities up and running. Look into different telecommunication companies and get a mobile plan. Open up an account in a nearby bank, look into savings accounts too.

Set-up Your Home

If you moved major appliances like refrigerator, stove, or a washer, make sure they weren’t damaged on their way. Unpack the boxes and luggage that you brought along or got shipped. Buy all the necessary things needed to make the place feel like home.

Know the Neighborhood

Get to know your neighbors and get subscriptions to the local newspaper to see what is happening in the neighborhood. Scout the nearby areas for restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and other places you routinely need to visit.


If you don’t plan on getting a vehicle, look into easily accessible public transportation systems. Like many cities around the UK, buses in Edinburgh accept cards that people can pay through. Buy one of those cards to save the trouble of carrying change for every commute.

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