Most Popular Anime Shows

Anime has become one of the most popular genres of TV shows in the past few years. Although massively popular in Asia from day one, it wasn’t until recently that the genre started to get some worldwide love.

Anime has proved to be extremely influential. Some popular shows have started trends, merchandise sales, and card games. Many of which are now considered to be iconic by anime lovers all around the globe. For any of you hardcore anime lovers, you’ve probably seen all of these shows twice over. But if you’re looking to start getting into anime, one of the following could be a really good place to start. After all, there’s a reason they are so popular.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is the story of a boy who lives in the woods named Son Goku. After meeting a girl in the forest, she explains her interest in collecting the seven Dragon Balls. Doing this would grant whoever possesses the seven to be granted one wish. Although Goku has a ball himself, he is reluctant to give it away.

The main features of Dragon Ball are humor and action. The combination of the two is really what has made it such a fan favorite.


This series follows Ash Ketchum, a young 10-year old boy with a dream of being a top Pokemon trainer. When he is about to begin his journey of being a trainer, he is met with a mishap. All three beginner Pokemon have already been taken, meaning Ash is partnered with a wild Pokemon named Pikachu. The story follows the two on their adventure to become the best duo in the Pokemon world.

The show is extremely popular. It has already released 22 seasons and is continuing to make more and more episodes. Pokemon has since become both an extremely popular card game as well as a fantastic video game series.


After his father sacrificed his life to save the village, Naruto had a monster sealed within his body by the creature who killed his father. He struggles to be content with himself, turning to life as a ninja where he can help others with his team. He is unable to control himself all of the time, however, which can lead him into dangerous situations.

This show focuses on character development and portrays a great amount of emotion. With various great characters and action sequences, it’s a great one to get started on.

Death Note

After stumbling upon the Death Note, Light Yagami is gifted with a very unique power. By writing down someone’s name in the notebook, Light can kill them. He uses this gift from the God of Death to rid the world of violent and nasty criminals. However, his killings begin getting the attention of the police, who try to find the source of these mysterious murders.

Death Note offers viewers a truly unique anime experience. Full of suspense, drama, and action, the show will have you constantly wondering what’s next and anticipating the next sequence of events.

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