Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping With These Privacy Ideas

Neighbors are always curious. They want to know what you do in your house, they want to hear about the guests who come over, and of course, they love to see if you have any new decorations or furniture. They also like to pry into your personal life when you’re not home by looking through windows and peeking around the yard for clues. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips on how to keep them from snooping. 

Here are five privacy ideas.

Keep your neighbors from snooping with these privacy ideas

Plant a Hedge

A thick hedge is a great way to block off the view of your house. This will also give you more privacy, keeping nosy neighbors out while making it harder for them to see in. You can even put up some hedges that are thorny and prickly if you want something with an extra sense of security. A good hedge can also block noise, so you won’t have to worry about the neighbors hearing your business.

When choosing a hedge, keep in mind that the taller it is, the more privacy you’ll have. Most hedges are only about four feet tall when they’re fully grown out, so if you want to obscure your whole house from view, then opt for a taller hedge. Some good varieties of plants that grow very quickly include bamboo and euonymus japonicus.

Install Window Shutters

Adding shutters to your windows is a great way to give yourself privacy without blocking out all of the sunlight. This option gives you an added layer of security, keeping nosy neighbors from peering in and seeing what’s going on inside while still letting some light through. As seen at, there are different kinds of wood shutters to fit any style of home. You only need to add them to the windows in your bedroom and bathroom if you want more privacy when those rooms are in use.

If desired, you can give yourself even more privacy by adding curtains or blinds behind these shutters. This will keep your neighbors from peering through the window, but it won’t block out all of the light as a solid door or shutter would. You can also add window boxes and flowers to make your house look more aesthetically pleasing while still obscuring the view of what’s inside.

Install a Security System

If you want to keep nosy neighbors out, invest in a security system for your home. Not only will this make it harder for them to get past the door, but it will also make you feel safer. This is a great option if your house has been broken into before or if you don’t like the idea of someone lurking around outside when they get too curious about what’s going on inside.

You can even go one step further and add some motion detector lights to keep them from sneaking up without you knowing. These lights will turn on whenever they’re near and make it harder for them to get close enough to your house without you seeing them.

Add Blinds or Curtains

Another easy option for window coverage is blinds or curtains. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to find something that will fit your house’s overall theme as well as give yourself privacy. You can even add some darker colored drapes for an added sense of security, making it harder for the neighbors to see inside when there’s not enough light.

As for the windows in your bedroom and bathroom, you can add some blackout curtains to keep them from looking inside when they’re trying to peek into the window. These will give you more privacy than window shutters because they’ll block out all of the sunlight while still obscuring what’s going on inside. Make sure that your curtains or blinds are at least four inches away from your window, so it’s easier to cover the entire pane.

Install an Awning

Another option for covering up some of those windows is with an awning. These will keep out most of the sunlight while still giving you privacy, making them perfect for rooms like your living room that you want to keep private but still allow light into. This is also a great option for patios or porches, giving you cover when you need it without blocking out the entire view like an overhead covering would.

You can even go one step further and add some plants underneath your awning if desired. Not only will this make your patio look more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also give you privacy when desired. Just make sure to keep the plants small, so they don’t block out too much light, or else your neighbors may be able to see inside no matter what you do.

In conclusion, there are many ways to keep your neighbors from spying on you while still maintaining an element of privacy. The main thing is just covering up the windows that face their houses so they can’t get a good look inside without any light or other obstructions in the way. It’s also important to note how adding some blinds, curtains, shutters, or plants will give you the look of privacy without completely blocking out the light.

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