How to Tell When Your House Exterior Needs To Be Repaired

Are you a new homeowner, or maybe a longtime property owner? If so, knowing how to tell when your house exterior needs repairs is an essential skill to prevent long-term issues down the road. In this post, we’ll walk through some of the key signs that indicate your home may need repair work sooner rather than later and provide useful tips on how to keep your house looking great for years to come. Let’s take a look at what you should know about detecting damage on the outside of your home!

How to tell when your house exterior needs to be repaired

Faded or Discolored Siding or Roofing Materials

Faded or discolored siding or roofing materials may not seem like an alarming issue, but it does indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Many homeowners are unaware that such weathering serves as a warning sign that their outside structure is unavailable for repair. Whether through the help of a roofing and siding contractor in Seattle or with the help of knowledgeable family and friends, these signs indicate the need for immediate attention. Fading or discoloration can be caused by UV rays from the sun, rain, snow, and wind gusts – all of which can slowly break down protective layers on both roofing and siding material. It’s important to have a proper inspection and estimate done by a qualified contractor so repairs can begin right away!

Loose or Missing Shingles or Tiles

It’s important to keep an eye on the roof of your home, as wear and tear can lead to serious structural damage and hefty repair bills. Loose or missing shingles are a sure sign that your house needs immediate attention. Excessive weathering or multiple missing tiles should never be ignored, as this indicates a broken seal around the edges of the tile. Additionally, if you can see cracks in the material around those tiles, then it’s definitely time for more extensive repairs. Regular inspections of your home’s exterior will save you from being hit with a heavy expense from neglected wear and tear.

Gaps or Spaces Around Windows and Doors

Knowing when to repair the exterior of your house is an important part of keeping it in good condition. Watch for gaps or spaces around windows and doors – these are telltale signs that it might be time for a repair job. Over time, wood can shrink or warp due to exposure to the elements or changes in humidity, so it’s not unusual for many homes to need some kind of attention where window and door frames are concerned. If you notice any wide gaps that weren’t there before, contact a professional right away to have them take a look and make the necessary repairs. Better safe than sorry!

Crumbling or Deteriorating Masonry

From brick to stucco, any and all crumbling or deteriorating masonry should be taken seriously and addressed right away. Larger chunks on the ground may indicate that part of the foundation is loose and could be compromising the structural integrity of your house. Dings or dents in masonry are also important to keep an eye out for since they can be indicative of weak spots that can let water enter or weaken the brick or concrete itself. 

Checking for signs of deterioration in your home’s masonry is an essential part of routine maintenance that needs attention from a contractor if necessary, so it’s important to keep an eye out and address issues as soon as you spot them.

How to tell when your house exterior needs to be repaired

Warped or Damaged Wood

Warped or damaged wood can be an obvious sign that your house exterior needs to be repaired. Typically, you’ll detect this sign because the wood looks warped, splintered, or cracked. You may also visually spot rot, which is a result of water-damaged wood caused by a roof or gutter issue; it will look like dark spots which can become soft and spongy if touched. If you observe any of these signs in your house’s exterior woodwork, now is the time to call in a professional contractor to assess the integrity of your home’s structure – before further decay causes more complexity and cost.

Leaks or Water Damage

How to tell when your house exterior needs to be repaired

Leaks can be a major home hazard, leading to rotten and warped wood, damaged walls, and even mold, and mildew. If your house ever suffers from water damage, you can easily recognize it: look for wall discoloration or bubbling paint, wood that is swollen or discolored, smoky smells emanating from inside the walls or other signs of moisture build-up along eaves, siding, and trim. While annoying and sometimes expensive repairs are necessary if these signs start to appear around your exterior walls, they’re well worth the investment. Not only will fixing any leaks stop further damage from happening but also keep your family safe and healthy in the years to come.

When it comes to the outside of your home, aesthetics can be just as important as functional repairs. Signs that you need to have exterior repairs done include faded or discolored siding or roofing materials, missing shingles or tiles, gaps around windows and doors, crumbling masonry, warped wood, and water damage. Although some may seem obvious indicators that a home needs repair, other signs like cracked or weathered wood can be harder to spot but shouldn’t be disregarded. 

By being mindful of the condition of your home’s exterior and making necessary repairs on time, you can not only maintain your home’s appearance but reduce potential risks to safety caused by dilapidated materials.

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