Father’s Day in Sweden: Traditions and Celebrations!

The second Sunday of the month of November marks Father’s Day in Sweden. Tracing history, we see that the celebrations of Father’s Day in Sweden date back to 1930, which was essentially backed by the Church and schools of that time. 

Father's day in sweden: traditions and celebrations!

Looking back in retrospect, we find evidence that students were encouraged to draw for their fathers as part of the school curriculum. Besides, cultural events were organized, and people were excited to participate in those events. 

It wasn’t before the 1960s that Father’s Day turned into a personal event to be celebrated at home. 

Father’s Day in Sweden

As a Swedish expat living in the USA, you might already know that the occasion of Father’s Day is still one of joy and fun. Of course, you might not make drawings for your dad anymore, but there are several other ways to make him happy and to make him feel appreciated.

For instance, as an expat, you might want to transfer money by transferring us dollar to sweden krona as a present to your dad on Father’s Day. By doing so, you will make him feel appreciated and he will avail of the liberty to buy whatever he wants. 

However, let us have a look at some of the celebrations of Father’s Day in Sweden.

The Compulsory Tie

Not only from an outsider’s perspective but also for the Swedish people who have been living the traditions and celebrations for a long time, the compulsory tie that the dad is presented on Father’s Day is a great source of amusement. 

As per the Swedish celebrations, the typical Father’s Day present entails a cake and presents, with the tie being a mandatory part of the presents. 

Personal vs. Public Celebrations

As mentioned before, until the 1960s, Father’s Day in Sweden was more of a public event, which was backed by the Church and by the schools at that time. Even today, in Sweden, public celebrations are welcomed and accepted with an open heart, while public gatherings are encouraged to mark Father’s Day.

Father's day in sweden: traditions and celebrations!

Even today, it is commonly accepted to see people excitedly participating in public gatherings and events to mark this day. Usually, these events are organized within local communities by the local people. 

However, families have the liberty to celebrate Father’s Day at home, like any modern family, too. There is nothing wrong with pampering one’s dad at home and showing him gratitude. But – speaking of the Swedish traditions, public events are still encouraged, and people are more than happy to participate. 

Pampering Dads the Swedish Way

On Father’s Day, Swedish people believe in the tradition of pampering their dads. Usually, the Swedish people do so by taking their dads out for lunch, enjoying beer without getting heavily drunk, or watching a movie together as a family.

Of course, nothing refutes the importance of giving dads their favorite items as the perfect presents – but – you can certainly look out for fancy dinners and exclusive feasts that are specially arranged to celebrate Father’s Day in Sweden.

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