6 of the Top Reasons Why You Need a Living Will

A living will is a document that states what care you want to receive if you become terminally ill and can’t speak for yourself. It is important to have one of these documents because it could save your life, as well as the life of those around you who might be making decisions about your medical care without knowing what’s best for you. This blog post will explore six reasons why having a living will is an essential part of protecting yourself and those close to you.

Your Living Will Protects You

One of the primary reasons why you need a living will is that it can protect you. The seasoned legal professionals behind www.attwoodmarshall.com.au suggest that you exert the effort to come up with one because it could be the difference between life and death. Without a living will, your family members might not know what you would want for yourself in terms of care if you were to be diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. 

This can lead to them making wrong decisions that aren’t necessarily in your best interest. The power of having an official document that details your wishes is that it puts everyone on the same page. It means you won’t have to worry about whether or not those who are closest to you are doing what’s best for you.

It Protects Your Loved Ones Too

Another reason why having a living will is so important is that it can protect those you love. Without a living will, your family members might have to make medical decisions for you when they are in the midst of pain and grief. This could lead them to make mistakes because they aren’t adequately prepared or informed about what would be best in your situation. When they do, they may need to have to deal with unending guilt later on, should the worst happen.

You Can Decide on Your Medical Care

A third reason why having a living will is so important is because it allows you to decide what kind of medical care you want to receive if and when the time comes. Without a living will, your family members might not know what kind of treatment you would prefer or how much medical intervention you want in your life or death situation. This can lead them to make decisions they think are best for you, but aren’t because those decisions weren’t what you wanted. 

You Can Avoid Being Placed on Life Support

It can also help you avoid being placed on life support against your wishes. When this happens, the costs of keeping you alive begin to pile up and can become a burden for those who you left to deal with it. This is another reason why having a living will in place is so important because it ensures that you don’t end up on life support if and when the time comes, particularly if this is against your wishes.

The Future is Uncertain, but a Living Will Is Not 

When you have a living will, you can rest assured that your future is more certain. This means having the peace of mind knowing what kind of medical care you want to receive, as well as how much intervention if things take a turn for the worst. Even though no one thinks they will need some type of legal document like this in place, not having one could lead to greater uncertainty, stress, and guilt for those who are left to make decisions about your medical care.

It’s Easy to Complete

Finally, a living will is easy to complete, so there should be no reason for you not to have one in place. All you need to do is get together with your family members and fill out the form, which can be done online in a matter of minutes. Once it’s finished, all that needs to happen is for everyone involved to sign it and then store it somewhere safe, like a fireproof box or safe deposit box where those closest to you know it can be found.

A living will is an important document that every adult should have. It protects you and your family by ensuring that the choices about medical treatment decisions are clear, even for those who may be injured or incapacitated in a future accident. What’s more, it gives peace of mind to know that these difficult decisions won’t need to be made later when emotions might cloud judgment. The best part? You can complete one online in just minutes! Perhaps this is the best time for you to consider coming up with one.

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