The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Haven’t Thought About

With Father’s Day around the corner, it may be a good time to consider what to get for Dad. We’ll be taking a look at five different gift ideas that you can choose from. Forget about the coffee mugs and the ties for a moment.

The best fathers day gift ideas you havent thought about

What we’ll list are some of the best gifts that you can get (that really aren’t a cliche). If you have some money set off to the side and want to give him the best Father’s Day gift ever, let’s take a look at the following options:

If he likes jewelry, get this…

He may be the kind of guy that wears jewelry along with this regular attire. So it could be a good idea to get him a Cuban link chain. He may wear chains that are subtle in size whether they’re made from silver or gold.

He may have a laid back style where his chain may show. If he’s that kind of guy, he’ll appreciate something like a chain necklace that will enhance his style even more. That’s a lot better than a necktie, don’t you think?

Depending on where you purchase jewelry, you can also get it specially made. This can include engraving his name (or even the name of his children). There’s no better gift than personalized jewelry.

Keep in mind that personalized jewelry may take a bit to get done because of the special request. So the sooner you order something like that for Father’s Day, the better. When he gets it just in time for Father’s Day, he will be very appreciative. 

If he loves America, get him a flag for the yard

This American flag may be the one thing that could be missing from the yard. If he shows a deep appreciation and love for the country, he’ll fly that flag high and proud. Almost anyone in your neighborhood may be waving theirs in their yard as well.

Nothing is more American than proudly displaying our country’s flag. You may have your own beliefs, but you are proud to live in a place that is known as the ‘home of the free’. An American flag may be a Father’s Day gift that he can be proud of.

Especially if he has served in the military or if he is just proud to be an American. No matter what, an American flag looks good in anyone’s yard, even your Dad’s.

Your Dad is probably a proud patriot and may continue to be one for life. So no better time than now to buy him a flag before the fourth of July holiday.

If he already has an American flag in his yard, no worries. You can get him one that he can hang up in a spare room or a garage. You can’t go wrong with one that will make for a great decoration.

Is he a fan of jazz? Get this if he is

Records are making a comeback. Vinyl albums are being made again and the devices that play them are flying off the shelves. If your Dad happens to be a fan of jazz, then why not get him jazz vinyl records that he’ll love listening to whenever he’s in the mood. 

Legends like Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington may be his kind of jam. Or maybe a compilation album of legendary jazz artists may just go together with the record player you can get him.

Most of the record players of today are a lot smaller compared to large ones your grandparents may have had back in the day. Plus, you can get one at a really good price. Find one that fits your budget and make it a double gift with the vinyl records you can buy your Dad.

If he isn’t a fan of jazz, that’s OK. You might know his favorite kind of music. So get it on vinyl and he’ll enjoy listening to them for hours on end like he did when he was a kid.

Make it fun on the water for you and Dad

If your Dad loves being outdoors and on the water, you can get him tube floats that he’ll enjoy relaxing on. Whether it’s a day at the lake or at the pool, get him one that you know that he’ll like. Once it’s inflated, it might be hard to get him off of it.

He may lay back in the sun and enjoy a beer while taking in the peace and quiet on the water. There’s nothing quite like laying back on a tube float and just sitting and relaxing. If your Dad has a pool that’s large enough, you can find one that will be a good fit.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to lay back and catch rays while floating? These tube floats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you may find choosing one a bit of a challenge. Find one that may be the best size for him and you’ll be golden. 

Give him a gift that fits his identity

If your Dad is a veteran, it may be a good idea to consider getting him a dog tag. These were worn by those in the military a long time ago. It can also be a reminder of how proudly he served his country.

These can come with additional accessories such as a rubber silencer, which will prevent any noise being made when he’s moving around. Some dog tags can also be personalized or engraved with a special message. It will depend on where you get them.

This is one of our favorites since dog tags tend to be one of the more popular jewelry trends that stay consistent. You can wear them as decoration or wear it as a piece of jewelry that fits your personality. Either way, your Dad will appreciate wearing these every day (especially on days when he wears a tank top or a t-shirt). 

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