Signs That You Are Still In Love With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Finding yourself still in love with your ex is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It does not only mean that you are neglecting other girls out there who might be right for you just because you are still thinking about your ex, it also means that you are wasting time on someone who does not deserve it. Plus, it leaves many broken hearts across the world and causes disruption in society when people find out their loved ones are stuck in what they think is a dead relationship. If you think this is happening to you, then read further as I give you signs that will tell if your feelings for her (no matter how strong) is true or if she’s already using them when making decisions whether to continue moving on or not.

You Think About Her All The Time

Whether you like it or not, when people are still in love with each other, they think about the relationship all the time. These thoughts will usually involve what happened during your last date night, how good it was when you kissed her at midnight, and the great memories that come after. It might make other people around you uncomfortable like if you were singing while walking down the street. It can even be an awkward moment when you bump into your ex-girlfriend in town or at the park.  A lot of men who find themselves in this situation, don’t know whether to be friendly or not. But if this is happening to you, you need to learn how to move on and break free from your old relationship so that the volume of your love for her will decrease over time.

You Still Have Her Photos On Your Phone

How many photos of your ex-girlfriend can still be found on your phone? If you recently updated your phone and transferred every picture to the new one, then you might want to double-check if there were any left behind. If this is the case, consider scanning the entire contents of your old phone for pictures that you can. Even if you have already started seeing other girls, thoughts about her still linger in your mind. Even when you are dating someone else, the thought “What if…” is not lost in your head. You try to fill up your loneliness by making new friends but it will never feel the same until you know what went wrong with the relationship and why it failed. The good news though is that this can help you figure out ways on how to fix things should she come back, although there’s no guarantee that it will happen. 

You Keep Track of Her Every Move

Whenever you hear any news about her; where she went, what she did and even the people that she hung out with, you feel like this is something that you should know. You might even post on your social media account that “she’s now with someone new” hoping to get reactions from each one of her friends and family members. Lovely right? Not only are you wasting your time thinking about her but also trying to make other people aware of how much pain it causes you to be away from her.

You Still Have Her Items

Truth is, no matter how negative your relationship was, there are always good moments shared by two people who used to be lovers. And just because of this fact, many sufferings occurred after she decided to let go of what they had for reasons that you knew were not enough to put an end to the relationship. And just because of this, you try to maintain a good relationship with her by being her friend even if you’re not really into it anymore. This is also a sign that you have no intention of moving on and leaving all those happy memories behind so you can focus on something new. Letting go of your ex does not mean letting go of everything she gave you too – especially when they are gifts that touched your heart in some way or another. If she gifted you something that means a lot for your life, then keeping it is the last thing that you can do as they keep reminding you about how great it was when you two were still together.

If this is happening to you, then it’s time to let go of all thoughts about her because if they are not gone by now, they will never leave your mind at all. Communication with her may seem like the right thing to do, but in reality, it can cause more damage than good to your life. You might end up losing other women that you could possibly be interested in already and spend another few months wondering why it didn’t work out even though you gave your best shot. The point here is that the longer she remains on your mind like this, the harder it will be for you to find someone new who would make you happy again. And while there’s nothing wrong with still loving your ex-girlfriend, there’s also nothing wrong with finding someone new who can give you what you really deserve.

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