Replacing vs. Repairing Windows: Which Option is Right for You?

The truth is, nothing and no one lasts forever, however, the duration of a particular object depends on its current condition and above everything, its quality. This refers to your windows as well.

If you notice later that they are giving you a hard time, then there are two reasons behind this problem. For starters, maybe there’s a minor issue that doesn’t require a lot of money, time, and effort, yet that still needs to be fixed. 

Replacing vs. Repairing windows: which option is right for you?

On the other hand, if you haven’t replaced your window in a very long time and you conclude that there’s nothing you can do to repair it, then a full replacement is the only option. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine which of these two solutions should be implemented next.

If you aren’t too sure about it, then don’t worry. Just take a look at everything that we are about to say today and things are going to be much clearer.

Is The Wood In A Good Condition?

It’s no secret that most windows become damaged over time. Some experience smaller deterioration, while there are those that deal with serious ones. So what can be done in these instances?

For starters, you should properly examine your windows. If you notice that the issue is situated in a relatively small area, then there’s no need to worry about it too much, due to the fact that you’ll be able to fix it all by yourself.

But what if it’s something more serious? For example, if you notice that the rot has spread all over the place, then according to the adroit gurus at Charlotte Replacement Windows, you will most likely be forced to replace them. How come?

Well, that’s because this whole repair process is going to be very challenging and time-consuming, not to mention the fact that it will also be very pricey. Therefore, instead of wasting your time on it, it would be much better to simply replace them.

When The Water Damages Your Windows

Have some of you noticed some stains that resemble the ones that are made by coffee around your windows? If the answer is yes, then unfortunately, we have some bad news for you.

Namely, if that’s the case, then it’s highly likely that you are dealing with water damage, meaning that water has found a way to enter your home either through chips in the glass, or through cracks.

Whatever the situation may be, it’s time to do something about it. Now, at first glance, this may seem like a very complex issue, but luckily, that’s not normally the case. Namely, if the panes are not damaged, then this problem can be resolved relatively quickly.

In these types of situations, the best thing that you can do is simply to contact a skilled handyman, and he/she is going to handle it in no time.

What Should You Do If You Have Structural Problems?

If the outer structure of your windows no longer works normally, then the only thing that can be done is to purchase new windows. In these instances, trying to fix it is nothing but a waste of your time and money, in other words, completely pointless.

At times, the region around your windows may be in a very bad shape as well. This refers to the house sheathing, studs, insulation, and siding. In these instances, you must turn to two solutions, to replace your windows, and also to rebuild damaged parts of the wall. 

Just keep in mind that you must employ a new construction window and not a replacement window. This is a common mistake that people make, hence we wanted to warn you about it.

If You Want To Boost The Appearance Of Your House – Replace Your Windows

One of the main reasons why homeowners decide to finally replace their windows is when they are no longer functional. And that’s completely logical, however, this shouldn’t be the only reason that’s going to encourage you to take this step.

Namely, if you would like to improve your curb appeal and take it to the next level, then you should definitely take this decision into consideration. By doing so, your home is going to look a lot more visually appealing, and at the same time, you will drastically boost its value.

Therefore, in these types of situations, replacing your windows should be perceived as a great investment that’s going to undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Although no one says that repairing them is a bad idea, just don’t forget that the ones that are repaired can never look as beautiful and eye-catching as the new ones.

Are They Fully Functional?

If you have older windows, then it’s highly unlikely that they are fully functional. As previously stated, no object can last forever. When it comes to windows, over time, they are prone to gathering a lot of dust, grime, dirt, and paint which can turn them into something that’s pretty dysfunctional.

In these instances, it can be pretty hard to open them. On a more positive note, in most cases, this is a problem that you can easily resolve. However, if your house is relatively old (over forty-five years old) or comes with custom windows, then it would be advisable to contact a professional and simply replace them.

What To Do When Your Windows Are Foggy?

If by any chance you see condensation on your windows (referring to the interior part) or that they are fogging up, then you are most definitely dealing with problems that are related to the insulation.

In most cases, it is caused by the IGU gas leakage, which means that your windows must be replaced. Now, it’s worth mentioning, that in some instances, you can experience IGU gas leakage that isn’t causing foggy windows.

If that’s currently your situation, then you will notice that your utility bills are all of a sudden way higher.

Replacing vs. Repairing windows: which option is right for you?

If you’ve never dealt with any window-related issues in the past, then it’s totally understandable if you cannot figure out if you should replace it or repair it. However, if you carefully go through this guide, you’ll be able to easily determine that from now on.

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