Pilgrimage – With this packing list nothing will be forgotten!

Every traveler needs luggage. Also a pilgrim. Some a little more, others a little less. But no matter how minimalist you want to go on the pilgrimage, there are some things that you should always have with you. This article clarifies what should not be missing on a pilgrimage in any case.

Pilgrimage - with this packing list nothing will be forgotten!

Important documents

Identity card/passport

On the pilgrimage routes to Rome, a normal identity card is quite sufficient. But if you want to go on pilgrimage to Israel, you need a valid passport.

International health insurance

Since you never know what will happen, an international health insurance is mandatory.

Money, emergency numbers for EC- & credit card

You should always have a little bit of cash with you. It is also not a bad idea to pack your credit and debit cards in case you have to abort the trek for a surprising reason. You should make sure that you have the emergency numbers with you, so that you can have the cards blocked in case of an emergency.

Pilgrim’s Guide & Hiking Maps

They simply belong to every pilgrim, because on some pilgrim paths the way markings turn out very differently. Even on the best signposted paths you will always come to passages where you would be completely lost without a hiking guide.


A diary is an excellent way to record your experiences on the pilgrimages to Rome and Israel.

First and foremost, pilgrimage should be a journey to yourself, and it is also important to be able to reflect on what happened.

The equipment

Everyone who was completely satisfied with his shoes so far, will get blisters due to the long stages, rain-soaked socks and sweaty feet in short or long. For a hiker these can become hellish agonies. Therefore, blister plasters should be at the top of the packing list.

Also an appropriate oil, for example mint oil, to massage the legs should be carried. The feet will thank you for it.

If you want to spend at least one night in a pilgrim hostel, you should definitely pack earplugs in your backpack. Not only because many other fellow pilgrims may snore, but also because many accommodations are located near church bells or busy roads.


Even though on pilgrimages to Rome and Israel, most of the time the sun will be shining, there can still be a heavy rain sometimes. Therefore, you should always have a rain jacket, rain pants and a rain cover with you.

You should always dress so that you can hike comfortably. Zip pants are great for converting long pants into shorts with the help of a zipper. An absolute must are neck scarves, these protect the neck from the sun and wind. For hiking or trekking shoes, it is especially important that you can walk well in them and they have a good ability to cushion the heels.

Sleeping bag

Even if you are only going to stay in hostels, you should pack a sleeping bag. Often there are only blankets there, in which you do not feel comfortable. Sometimes it is even obligatory to use your own sleeping bag.

Hygiene articles

Of course, every pilgrim should carry his necessary hygiene items like shampoos, toothbrush and toothpaste etc. with him.

Helpful small utensils

A pocket knife is part of a standard equipment for a pilgrim. You can do endless things with it and it can make your life easier in many ways. A headlamp or flashlight also belongs in the backpack, because it can always happen that you have to hike after dark.

The cell phone, however, only belongs to the emergency equipment, if you ever crumple your foot or get lost.

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