How to Litter Train a New Kitten

Are you getting a new kitten? How exciting!

Naturally clean animals, litter training a kitten is not usually that difficult, especially if you have taken the time to research the best techniques.

Read on to discover all there is to know about how to litter train a kitten, including when to start training and how to deal with accidents.

How to litter train a new kitten

When to litter train a new kitten

You should not attempt to litter train a kitten before they are three weeks old, as they still need to be stimulated by their mums to go to the toilet at this time. Instead, wait until they are around 3-4 weeks old and then introduce them to a litter box.

If you have either bought or been gifted a kitten from someone else, it is highly likely that they will already have been exposed to a litter tray before, which should make the training process a little bit easier.

How long does it take to litter train a kitten?

The time it takes to litter train a kitten depends on the kitten. That being said, most kittens can be trained to use a litter tray within 4 weeks. If your new kitten takes a little longer, don’t worry; they will eventually get the hang of this new skill.

What supplies do you need to litter train a kitten?

You don’t need much in the way of supplies to litter train a kitten. Of course, you will need to buy a litter tray or box. These tend to be plastic and inexpensive. You will also need to purchase cat litter, and you have the choice between clumping vs non-clumping litter.

Most experts agree that non-clumping litter is best for new kittens as this is less likely to cause any problems if eaten than clumping litter.

Top tips for litter training a kitten

Encourage your kitten

When you first put down the cat litter box, encourage your kitten to explore it. You can even pick them up and place them directly in it. Kittens love to explore new environments, so they should enjoy scratching around in the cat litter.

Look out for signs they need to go

In the beginning, your kitten may not head straight to the litter tray when they need to go to the toilet. Instead, they are more likely to scratch, circle, or sniff around another area in your home. If you notice this, pick them up quickly and place them in their cat litter tray.

How to litter train a new kitten

Reward good behavior

If you see your kitten go to the toilet in their litter tray, make sure that you reward this good behavior with a lot of praise and tasty, kitten-appropriate treats.

How to deal with accidents

It is highly unlikely that your kitten will immediately start using their cat litter tray and not have any accidents. Therefore, you need to know how best to deal with these. Do not scold or punish your kitten if they have an accident, as this can cause stress and anxiety. Instead, simply show them where they should be going to the toilet.

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