How Long Do MERV 13 Air Filters Last?

If your air conditioning system is compatible with MERV 13 filters, you will want to use them. These filters can purify the air in your home, which is essential if you have health concerns or multiple pets.

Typically, MERV 13 filters will need to be changed out every three to six months. This will depend on some other factors, though, including the type and brand, the size of your HVAC system, how much air it processes, and the level of contamination in the outdoor air in your area.

How long do merv 13 air filters last?

If you have several pets, someone with allergies, or live in an area prone to outdoor pollution, you may want to change your MERV 13 filter more often.

Types of MERV 13 Filters

MERV 13 filters are available in pleated or panel styles. With pleated MERV 13 filters, there is more surface area, allowing them to capture more particles. The pleats give these filters more space to draw contaminants out of the air.

However, it also requires more air pressure, which may force your air conditioner to strain if it’s not compatible with these filters. With MERV 13 filters in a panel style, they aren’t quite as effective as pleated options, but they don’t need as much air pressure.

You should consider MERV 13 filters that have a high initial efficiency along with a low pressure drop. Essentially, an initial efficiency means how well it will capture particles when you put it in and pressure drop is the resistance it creates with the airflow.

Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters

It doesn’t matter how high quality your air filter is when it gets dirty. Dirty air filters can lead to big problems for your AC system.

One of the biggest problems is reducing airflow in your system. Even if your system can work with MERV 13 filters, you don’t want to cause unnecessary strain. Dirty filters make your energy costs rise and decrease the efficiency of your unit. In time, that added strain can cause it to break down and require costly repairs.

When filters get dirty, you’ll see lower indoor air quality. This can cause those in your home with allergies to feel ill. It also will keep pollutants circling through the air in your home.

Spot the Signs of an Air Filter That Needs to Be Changed

With MERV 13 filters, just as any other kind, you must check on it at intervals to make sure it’s not covered in dirt or dust. Pull it out and look for visible dirt or discolorations. Additionally, if you’ve noticed the airflow from your unit has decreased or your energy bills are higher without a change in your usage habits, you may need to change your filter.

The best way to keep your filters from getting dirty is to mark the date you change it in your calendar and check it monthly. This will ensure you’ll change it if it has accumulated more dust and particles than usual and keep your indoor air quality healthy.

How long do merv 13 air filters last?

What to Know About MERV 13 Filters and Your HVAC System

Bear in mind that while MERV 13 filters are among the best for household use, they can put too much strain on your HVAC system. You will need to check with the manual for your AC or with an HVAC professional as to whether or not these filters are suitable for it.

If they are, make sure you get the right size. A filter that’s too small will restrict your airflow and strain the system. If it’s too large, those particles will bypass it entirely.

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