Distance Matrix API as a Route Building Tool

Distance matrix api as a route building tool


Recently, the life of an ordinary person is gradually filled with a variety of program terms. For example, the abbreviation “api” is increasingly found even in areas which are too far from the IT sector. The reason is that almost everyone of us has visited this or that page on the World Wide Web at least once. In essence, this means that any user, having sent his request and got to the desired page, communicated with a certain api of the remote server.

Naturally, a huge number of users create a huge number of requests on a variety of topics. Let’s take as an example queries related to determining the distances between several locations with the calculation of the time spent on this. That is, our topic is api distance matrix (DMA), as a product of the service.

Tasks, solved by DMA

From the above, it becomes obvious that if you need an assistant for route planning and calculation of time spent, then DMA will be an excellent choice for you. And it doesn’t matter here how many locations you are interested in. Are you planning to get from one place to another? Well, DMA will come to your rescue. Or maybe you are planning several routes taking into account several locations? And this is also within the power of DMA.

DMA invites the specialists of the branches of logistics, transport, travels to hear us and use DMA for their needs. If you want us to show some example relating to DMA, we are ready to do it.

Example of DMA scope

Let’s get acquainted with Kirsten, who deals with the formation of optimal routes for carriers of various cargoes in one logistics company. It is faced with the task of avoiding economic losses when planning routes for carriers. And this means the need to analyze constantly all the information about the situation on the planned route in the current mode.

It is obvious that Kirsten’s task is not easy, since cargo carriers visit not one or two locations, but much more of them. In essence, every time      Kirsten have to solve the classic “traveling salesman problem”, when the driver must visit each planned location using the shortest routes and spending the shortest time on it.

Kirsten knows very well that there is a tool that can develop such complex routes. It’s DMA. After monitoring various services and sites Kirsten found several propositions of DMA. At the same time, these options were found to be unsuitable due to various limitations and low accuracy of the results.

Finally, the search for Kirsten was successful. Distansmatrix.ai provided a DMA that met all the necessary requirements for optimal route planning and at the same time the accuracy of the results was commensurate with the Google API.

Distance matrix api as a route building tool

The best in DMA

It is necessary to highlight several advantages of our DMA, which allow us to give preference to it.
To begin with, there are practically no restrictions related to the size of the DM. All necessary locations will certainly be covered by the matrix.

DMA will provide you with the opportunity to build the most reliable forecasts about the time of visiting each planned location.

For DMA, does not matter the location of both the user himself and the calculated routes, the scope of DMA is the whole world.

Maximum realism of calculations is another advantage of our DMA. No schematic movement charts are used, only real road maps.

And finally, one cannot fail to emphasize the advantage of DMA, which we have already mentioned. All the nuances of traffic that may affect the planned route are taken into account without fail. We want to add that the benefits of DMA are not limited to those listed above. Therefore, for a more detailed acquaintance with this product, visit our website and all its relevant sections.

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