Art And History In Eastern Europe: 6 Must-Visit Places

There are popular destinations in the world like Paris, Rome, London, New York, Tokyo, and others that can always be found on the list of the most visited places in the world. And the truth is, these cities are truly remarkable.

But on the other hand, there are those areas of the world that are unfortunately frequently overlooked because people either have never heard of them or are not as famous and “attractive” as these places previously mentioned. 

Art and history in eastern europe 6 must-visit places

And one of those areas is Eastern Europe. This region is actually loaded with wonderful countries, breathtaking architecture, and rich history and to show you it’s worth visiting, today we will create a list of wonderful places that are perfect for those who enjoy art and history. Let’s uncover them together!

Amazing Places In Eastern Europe For History & Art Admirers 

Mestrovic Gallery – Croatia

This spectacular gallery showcases drawings, sculptures, and architectural plans of one of the most popular Croatian artists of the last century. Additionally, his Art Nouveau sculptures have accomplished huge success worldwide and can be seen in different cities, all around the world, such as Chicago, Zagreb, Ottawa, Bratislava, etc. 

If you decide to take the tour, you will get the chance to see wonderful marble statues, oil paintings, bronze portraits, and many other things.

The National Gallery Of Macedonia – North Macedonia

Now, here is something that’s very interesting for anyone who is a huge fan of art. Namely, the National Gallery of Macedonia is one of the oldest institutions in this country. Those who are interested in Macedonian fine art will definitely enjoy this place.

Furthermore, it currently contains three more objects, Chifte Hamam, the house-museum of Lazar Licenoski, and a Multimedia center called “Mala Stanica”. The main aim of this gallery is to showcase Macedonian’s rich cultural heritage and at the same time, promote young, talented artists from this country.

Besides the permanent display, the National Gallery of Macedonia allows visitors to see:

  1. Collection of Macedonian Drawings
  2. Collection of former Yugoslavian artists
  3. Collection of Macedonian Graphic Art

The House Of Leaves – Albania

If you’re a huge history buff, then the Albanian National Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves” is a place that you must definitely see. It’s located in Albania’s capital, Tirana, and was established five years ago.

Now, we would like to warn you, then even though this museum is truly fascinating, it’s not for everyone, due to the fact that it describes some very disturbing events that occurred to the communist terror victims who have gone through some major physical and psychological violence and stress.

Additionally, these people were severely tortured, some of them were killed, imprisoned, and many other horrible things during the communist totalitarian regime. Still, it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re interested in this topic and would like to get more detailed information.

The Nikola Tesla Museum – Serbia

Who wouldn’t love to learn more about Serbia’s biggest scientists and inventors of all time? Located in central Belgrade, this astonishing museum celebrates the life of this genius and body of work.

What’s amazing is the fact that precisely this museum is home to the world’s biggest Tesla archive, holding more than 150,000 documents, 1200 technical exhibits, 2000 journals and books, 1500 pictures and plates of technical objects, 1000 plans, and drawings. Truly fascinating!

So if you really want to get as much information as possible about this sensational man, then do not forget to go there whenever you’re in Serbia’s capital.

Karel Zeman Museum – Czech Republic

Now, here’s something that’s completely different from anything that we’ve previously mentioned. Namely, this museum is dedicated to the life and works of one of the most popular directors in the world, Karel Zeman. 

It is a perfect place for people who have children because it’s very fun and entertaining. Most of his seminal works either included puppets, or animated pieces, which is truly interesting to see. He can definitely be perceived as an artist who has successfully demonstrated how special effects should be used and what tricks he employed to bring his movies to life.

Holocaust Memorial Center – Hungary

Located near the Pava Street Synagogue, it provides visitors with an interactive exhibition that showcases everything that has happened during the Holocaust. Besides that, you will get the opportunity to see the original documents, historical accounts, and objects. Definitely a must-see for anyone who wants to know more about one of the most horrific events in the world.

Art and history in eastern europe 6 must-visit places

As you can see, there are so many spectacular places to visit in this part of the world and to think we just listed a couple of them. So if you haven’t visited this region before, now is the perfect time to do it.

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