10 Things You Might Be Surprised That It’s Legal to Buy Online

It’s pretty common to assume that buying all drugs, firearms, or radioactive chemicals online is illegal, but no one will be knocking down your door if you’re familiar with the law. In fact, the following 10 products can be purchased online in most states without breaking any rules.

10 things you might be surprised that it's legal to buy online

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10 Things You Can Surprisingly Buy Online 

From firearms and magic mushroom spores to automatic knives and WW2 army tanks, here are 10 things you can legally purchase online. Some don’t even require a specific license. 

1. Most Firearms

Guns are pretty easy to come by in the United States, and there are plenty of platforms to sell guns online. While many states require a permit to carry a handgun; Idaho, Indiana, Delaware, Alaska, and several others do not require a license, registration, or permit to buy a gun online. You can also browse and purchase 80 lowers online to build your own firearms.

2. Magic Mushroom Spores 

As long as you buy magic mushroom spores for “research purposes,” you can buy them online in certain states. Keep in mind that spores don’t contain any psychoactive chemicals, so you can’t get high from them. Spores, however, are illegal in Georgia, California, and Idaho. 

3. An Army Tank 

10 things you might be surprised that it's legal to buy online

It is 100% legal to buy a tank online, but most civilians don’t qualify. You need to have a Destructive Device permit, which is seldom issued. The tank also has to be older, and the age of the tank that the civilian is allowed to own and operate depends on the model and its purpose. 

4. Browsing Histories 

Despite the fact that there are multiple laws in place that protect our internet privacy, it’s still very legal to buy and sell people’s internet browsing histories online. Even when people steal your information, it’s pretty difficult to hold them accountable due to the anonymity of the web.

5. Automatic Knives

Automatic knives, like switchblades, have some bizarre legality. While you can buy an automatic knife online in most states, some postal carriers put restrictions on their shipment. However, FedEx and UPS don’t place such restrictions, so make sure your dealer ships through them.

6. Human Growth Hormone 

It’s legal to buy human growth hormone or HGH online, but we wouldn’t recommend it. HGH should only be prescribed by a doctor to ensure your safety. If you buy it through an unlicensed source, there’s a very high chance the HGH isn’t safe or that the product doesn’t even contain it.

7. Uranium 

Uranium, the most-used fuel by nuclear power plants, can be purchased online. However, because of its destructive uses, you can only legally own up to 15 pounds of it. We don’t recommend messing around with uranium, as it’s highly radioactive and unsafe to use.

8. Drug Paraphernalia 

As long as you can pretend that the drug paraphernalia won’t be used for anything illegal, you can purchase pipes and bongs. Most websites will classify these products as water pipes, plastic jewelry bags, or glass pipes that are exclusively used for loose tobacco use.

9. Home Brewing Equipment to Minors

10 things you might be surprised that it's legal to buy online

Even though the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, a minor can legally buy brewing equipment online. Of course, minors aren’t allowed to drink or sell what they make, which may defeat the purpose for some. A minor would need their parents to actually try their products.

10. Rocket Fuel (Technically) 

It’s entirely legal to purchase cold hydrogen and oxygen online, and since those are the two components of rocket fuel, it’s technically a legal way to get it. Making rocket fuel can be a fun experiment, but since these chemicals are volatile, you should approach them with caution.

In Conclusion… 

Don’t ever assume that something is legal or illegal, as you could be missing out on some valuable, interesting, or unique merchandise. While there are illegal ways to purchase the things on this list, if you follow certain regulations and state laws, you’ll have no problems obtaining them legally. 

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