Pro Tips – Why Is It So Important To Choose the Right Kitchen Knife?

It might seem like an ordinary task, but choosing a proper kitchen knife is quite a deal. There are so many options to choose from that finding the one that will be the symbolic beginning of your collection can be really demanding. You need to make a clear list of the different types and their purposes that you will most certainly use in your kitchen. For instance, do you need a chef’s or a carving knife? In order to clarify it further, we compiled a guide on how to choose proper kitchen knives. 

Pro tips - why is it so important to choose the right kitchen knife

Different Cooking Knives Have Different Purposes 

When cooking, there are usually situations when you wish for sharper knives that will cut your ingredients nicely and more precisely instead of smashing them completely. You have probably experienced the problem with dull utensils, especially when cutting vegetables and meat. This is beyond frustrating.

Keep in mind that knives are often designed to suit the food they are used for, which is why we have such a large selection of them. So there are several different types, such as a chef’s, a Santoku, a paring, and a utility knife, to mention a few, all of them with their own unique features. 

  1. The chef’s knife is one of the most convenient tools. This is a cutting tool you can use for most cutting tasks you have in your kitchen. Lots of people like to shop for a Damascus chef knife found here that offers them the quality and flexibility they need at their work station. Usually, these knives are available in two lengths, six or eight inches. A chef’s knife is the only must-have tool you need in your kitchen to make your cooking experience a pleasant one. 
  2. Santoku knife: this is a counterpart to the chef’s knife. The main difference between these two is the weight. The Santoku knife is considerably lighter and slimmer. You might expect this one to be more porous because of the slimmer blade. However, this is one of the most durable ones. Hence, most cooks are in doubt when choosing between a Santoku and a chef’s knife. 
  3. Paring knife: smaller knife reserved for thinner ingredients. So, if you opt to make attractive food garnishes, then this should definitely be a part of your collection. 
  4. Utility knife: a perfect choice for tiny and thin ingredients. A utility knife is the best option for more precise slicing and chopping. 

Features and Quality

When making your collection of knives, you need to select the ones of the best quality and most preferable features. For you to make the best choice, you should know that there are two processes in their manufacturing: forging and stamping.

These influence the quality considerably and, therefore, their durability. Namely, stamped knives are made of light steel, which makes them less durable in comparison to forged knives. This second category is made of a more sturdy material, which makes them more durable, stable, and thus safer to use. Even though forged knives are quite expensive, they make a very good investment because of their durability. 

Pro tips - why is it so important to choose the right kitchen knife

Styles and Edges 

Since knife collections are quite pricey, you need to understand that there is more than one style of blade. If you want to analyze your knives as a professional, then you should know that the tang is the length of the blade expanding to the handle.

When you read that a certain knife has the full tang, it means that the blade is extended and provides firmer and more stable handling. In contrast to this, half-tang means that the knife is less stable and weaker. 

Speaking of the styles of the blade, there are also different edges that may indicate the way a certain knife is used. Hence, you can find straight, serrated, and flat edges. 

Sharpness Equals High Quality and Convenience 

The most annoying thing in the kitchen is a dull knife. These will make even simple chopping a living hell and will most certainly destroy your food. It is crucial to make a set consisting exclusively of sharp knives.

These will make your cooking easier and faster and will contribute to your utensils’ durability. Also, it would be great to learn how to sharpen your knives. In this line, one of the most effective ways is to use a whetstone. This will guarantee you a super sharp blade and an unbothered cooking process. However, you must be careful and try not to hurt yourself. 

Having a sharp set of knives is a must-have for every kitchen. The best way to start making a perfect set is to get yourself a chef’s and utility knife, and gradually expand your collection, according to your needs.

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