How To Know That You’re In Love With Someone

Most of you will immediately agree that love is a complex feeling. Sometimes, we’re not even sure if the feelings that we have for certain people actually love or something else entirely. This can be especially true when it comes to a new relationship – one where you don’t know each other very well yet.

However, there’s a way of finding out whether it’s love or not – and understanding this will make things much easier on you both as your relationship grows. Therefore here are some of the ways that you can recognize love from infatuation.

You Can Be Happy Without The Person Of Your Affection

That’s one of the most important signs that its love rather than infatuation. If you can enjoy life and be happy solely by knowing that they’re happy and doing well, even when they’re not around, then what you feel is true love.  Infatuation, on the other hand, will only make you miserable because all you can think of is that person. As written in this article Infatuation is the feeling that your partner is your everything and if they’re not around for some reason, nothing is worth it anymore. People who are in love with each other will both work together as a team – bickering here and there but always knowing that they have somebody that is on their side no matter what, without the need to be around each other all the time.

You’re Happy For Their Achievements

This is especially true if they’re happy about something and you didn’t expect to be happy about it (like their new job or a thing like that). If you feel genuine happiness for them even when things that would usually make you unhappy do, it’s a strong sign that you’re in love with them. You also find the way they are doing something impressive even if it’s not your type of thing. For instance, you might think it’s cool the way they play guitar even if you’re not into that sort of music. This one also counts for when they’re doing something out of their ability because it shows how open-minded you are to them in general.

You Make Their Happiness A Priority

If you love someone, then all you want is for them to be happy and content in their life. Even if it’s not with you, then that’s okay because what matters is that they’re doing what makes them truly happy. If they find somebody else to pursue those feelings with, then maybe the two of you aren’t meant to be together after all. So instead of feeling jealous and miserable about this, just focus on the fact that your beloved is truly living a fulfilling and complete life without you in it.

You Don’t Take Them For Granted

Couples who are truly in love with each other don’t take their significant other for granted. Instead, they find simple ways to make them smile and laugh every day without fail. Even the smallest of gestures can be seen as acts of affection – so if you’re always doing stuff just to please them then that’s a sign that it is true love rather than infatuation or lust which would never go to such lengths for somebody else. What’s more, even if all you’ve done is hold their hand or run through the park together, then this gesture alone means more than simply “two people walking side by side” – it’s something that both of you cherish and value very much.

You Don’t Care What Other People Think

A love that is real and unconditional doesn’t concern itself with such trivial matters as what other people might think of your relationship. That’s why we say that we’re living “happily ever after” – because we simply do not care about the unimportant external factors which seem to affect most couples’ relationships nowadays. Other than nosy relatives and friends who might disapprove for no good reason, you also aren’t worried about how others perceive your beloved or even yourself – so long as both of you are happy, then nothing else really matters.

You Feel Comfortable Showing Them Your Vulnerability

When it comes to even the strongest love affairs, part of our innermost self is reserved for our beloved alone. This part is meant to be shared with them and nobody else – so if you don’t feel like you can show this side of yourself to your beloved, then it means that you haven’t fully opened up your heart to them yet. If they’re truly the one for you, then they should be able to see every single side of you in all your glory and imperfection anyway. The sense of togetherness that accompanies a relationship that has reached this level is just priceless and nothing short of magical.

Real love is unconditional and completely natural. It’s not something that you need to force onto someone else or beg for because if they feel the same way then it will just come naturally without fail. If your love is real, then it will be so obvious to both of you even though some people might misread it as infatuation, lust, or plain and simple horniness. So if your heart keeps beating faster at the mere thought of them, then you know that they’re the ones for you.

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