An Easy Guide To Understanding The Differences Between Gel Ball And Paintball

Paintball is quite popular all over the world, and if you never had the chance to see it in person you probably saw it on TV. It’s a fun, group activity that can be done both inside and outside, as long as there is enough room. But lots of people often can’t differentiate gel ball from paintball, they do look pretty similar but they are far from the same thing. If you are interested in trying one of those two activities, it’s important to learn the differences and see what suits you more! So here’s an easy guide to understanding the difference between gel ball and paintball! 

An easy guide to understanding the differences between gel ball and paintball

What is a gel ball?

First of all it’s important to learn what a gel ball actually is, basically a gel ball is a ball made from polymer water. The diameter of a regular gel ball is around 6 to 8 mm, which makes them pretty small. They are meant to break apart easily as soon as they hit another player, and release a brightly colored fluid. You can learn more about the different kinds of gel balls and blasters with GBU, as there is a variety to look at. Since gel balls are small, they are also lightweight compared to regular paintballs, which can be a giant plus especially for kids and people who don’t like to carry added weight but still want to enjoy this kind of activity! 

What is a paintball?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, paintballs are beads made out of polyethylene glycol and paint. Just like with gel balls, paintballs are used to shoot the opposite players and mark them with a bright color. They are bigger than regular gel balls, having a diameter of around 18 mm, which adds to their weight as well. It also means that you can carry a limited amount of paintballs! Since paintballs are made out of literal paint, it can be a bit messy so it’s something to consider, if you don’t like to get too messy.

The different kinds of blasters

There are lots of ‘’weapons’’ that can be used for this kind of activity, they come in different shapes and sizes and go by different names. Since the balls themselves are completely different, it’s only natural that the blasters will also be quite different as well. Even though it’s a toy gun, it can be dangerous to use them without the proper equipment, regardless of whether you are using paintballs or gel balls. As mentioned, paintballs are larger and heavier, so the blaster needs to be bigger and bulkier – almost breathing the illusion that it’s a gun. On the other hand, gel blasters have a lot more space and can carry more beads since they are smaller – it also has a more realistic appearance as opposed to the toy-like paintball gun. 


One of the many differences between gel blasting and paintball is its venues – or lack thereof. Gel balls are not as vastly used as paintballs, so the venue is harder to come by. This makes gel blasting a bit more unique and exclusive, than regular paintball. Chances are you won’t have a gel blasting venue in your area, so you’ll need to travel to it in the worst-case scenario – make sure you organize the trip beforehand and reserve the venue on time! The last thing you want to do is miss the opportunity to play this unique game after searching so much for the venue! 

Other things

It’s actually important to note the effects of paintballs and gel balls on our environment –  while one is made out of paint, which is often toxic on its own, gel balls are made out of water for the most part and they are biodegradable as well. This might seem not as important for those who are playing, but it’s extremely important when you look at the bigger picture, choosing the environmentally friendly path is way better! A lot of people completely forget about this aspect or they aren’t even aware of it, so understanding how paintballs can affect the environment negatively should definitely be talked about more!

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you prefer, and now that you know the basic differences between gel balls and paintballs, you can easily decide. There are a lot of elements to consider when deciding on whether or not you want to go with paintball or gel blasting. Understanding both sides and looking at the positives and the negatives is a good way to start! This is such a fun activity to enjoy with your friends and loved ones, but make sure to choose accordingly!

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