6 Useful Items That Every Cigar Lover Must Have

When you lack the necessities for certain habits, it can be costly and inconvenient, especially if you are the only one in your circle with the same habit. In the case of cigar enthusiasts who do not happen to have other cigar enthusiasts in their circle, it is impossible to forget a lighter or be without an ashtray when everyone gets together. Since no one owes you the responsibility of encouraging or feeding your addiction, here are six essentials that every cigar enthusiast should have on hand.


While it is easy to locate cigarette lighters, you should take care to get lighters that are specifically designed for cigars since they are thicker and need more heat than cigarettes. There are several cigar lighters available, many of which are attractive. Buy the practical and the best cigar lighters rather than decorative ones, and avoid sacrificing the lighter’s functionality for its appearance. Every cigar enthusiast should have a lighter on hand at all times, and in case you’re wondering, engraved lighters may also serve as a thoughtful present. Without a lighter when you’re in the company of non-smokers, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much.


This may come as a surprise to cigarette smokers who do not need a place to put their smokes in. When it comes to cigars, humidors are containers that may assist keep the cigar’s humidity and temperature stable for an extended length of time. Unless you plan to use your cigar shortly after purchasing it, it is recommended that you invest in a humidor to keep it from drying out or rotting. Some humidors are believed to enhance the smoking experience, while others are said to repel beetles and other rodents that could be interested in your cigars.

You can also make your own humidor out of your cigar box. Not all cigar boxes can be replaced with humidors, but you can choose the best one considering some important features. A cigar box must be of solid wood and should have a Spanish cedar interior, and solid construction. These features along with a humidification device will provide the best moisture absorption and will make the taste and aroma of your cigars last longer. For example,  Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de San Juan, Montecristo No. 2, or  Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 are manufactured in such boxes. They have the required features to age your cigars.


In contrast to cigarettes, which may be smoked directly from the package, cigars must be cut before they can be smoked. Cigar cutters come in handy in this situation. There are a lot of them now, and since they are very basic objects that are easy to use, they should prove to be useful as well. Cigar cutters may also be elegant and stunning; nevertheless, many smokers prefer them to be straightforward and useful. It is claimed that a cigar smoker can never have too many cutters in his collection. Cutters may either assist you in enjoying your cigar correctly or hinder your enjoyment. Invest in sharp cigar cutters that can cut through the thickest cigars without tearing them.

Cigar boxes

When traveling or embarking on a road trip of any kind, every cigar enthusiast or smoker should be prepared with a cigar case in their possession. While it may not be ideal to transport humidors, as they may be bulky and cumbersome, cigar travel boxes are the right solution. Cigars, a cutter, and a lighter should all be kept in one of these containers. It should primarily serve as a means of transporting the essentials of cigar smoking. You must, however, choose the most appropriate travel box suitable to you, since it must be able to keep your cigars fresh while also transporting other equipment. To satisfy your preferred taste, it should also be easily transportable and visually appealing.


While you will need the other items indicated above as well, you will also want an ashtray so you can avoid placing cigar ash in chopped tins or having them fall off all over the place. The purpose of an ashtray is to hold cigar ash, and because of their limited usefulness, there aren’t many different designs available. There are ashtray sets made of plastic, ceramic, and glass. Your ashtray of choice should be simple to clean, able to resist the high temperature of cigar ash, and, most importantly, stain-free.

Odor-eliminating agent

Many cigar enthusiasts belong to social circles that do not like their habit or live with relatives who are repulsed by the smell of cigars. If you are in this category, you should invest in products that will minimize the smell of cigars in the house to the greatest extent. They vary from scented candles to sprays that may be used to mask or eliminate odors. Some of them are scent-free, but they do the same function, and it all comes down to personal taste.

Cigar enthusiasts would benefit from goods and supplies that may assist, sustain or promote their habits, and because they’re simple to buy, they’re also great gift ideas. It also helps when you know exactly what you need and where to buy them. So, go through our list and see which item you are missing.

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