4 Subtle Ways Family Members Can Keep a Memory of a Deceased Family Member in Their House

In the wake of a loved one’s death, many family members feel the need to keep some physical representation of their loved one in their home. This can be anything from a photograph to a piece of jewelry. Some people choose to erect a large and imposing tombstone in the deceased’s memory. Others might choose to have a plaque installed in their home with the person’s name and dates of birth and death. Here are 4 subtle ways that family members can keep a memory of a deceased family member in their house.

4 subtle ways family members can keep a memory of a deceased family member in their house

1. Urns

Urns provide an elegant solution to this problem. An urn is a very subtle way to keep the memory of a deceased family member alive. If you want to make it look like part of your decor, an urn can be placed in various places around the house such as on a mantle or even on the side table next to their favorite chair. They can also be made from wood and placed on a mantle or bookshelf for a rustic look. They are small enough that they can be kept on a bookshelf or mantelpiece without taking up too much room, but they are also very visible as a sign of respect for the deceased. Urns come in many different shapes and sizes, so, surely, you will be able to find one that suits your home’s décor.

2. Memorial Plaques and Mementos

Another way to remember a loved one in the house is to get a memorial plaque put up at their favorite place in the house. In other words, if they spent most of their time on the couch watching television, you could have a plaque put up on the wall at that end of the room. If they spent a lot of time in the kitchen, you could have a plaque hung up there. This will show those who visit your home that there were some good memories made in this place and it is also a subtle way to keep their memory alive. 

These plaques can also be made to match the décor of your home and they come in many different colors and shapes. Other family members may choose to keep mementos such as old jewelry or pictures of their loved ones around the house. This is a good way to remember them, but it can make other people feel awkward, so it is important to keep these out of sight in places such as a desk or trunk. 

3. Picture Frames

If you want something less permanent, picture frames are an excellent solution as well. You can get old family photos printed out and framed for display around the house – or even new ones taken with all members of your family together – and they provide a nice opportunity for reminiscence about good times shared between family members. They also look nice and can help to decorate any room they’re hung up in.

How To Customize Picture Frames To Make Them More Memorable

Instead of just hanging up the same old picture frame you’ve had ever since you got married, why not make it feel more personal? You can take an old picture frame or two and customize them to suit your home decor. 

If the picture frame has a plain colored backboard, simply paint over it. Or put decorative stickers on there. There are all kinds of things you can do to make this look personalized instead of generic. And that’s sure to mean more to everyone who visits your home than if you displayed nothing at all in memory of your deceased family member.

4. Memorabilia

Memorabilia can be a great way to keep a memory of a deceased family member alive in the house. If you have a particularly favorite possession of theirs that you want to keep, putting it on display where everyone can see it is an excellent choice. Even if they didn’t have much in the way of memorabilia from their life, having them come around to remind people who visit your home about them is also an excellent idea. 

If the person had any interests or hobbies, keeping one or two things related to those around them could also help preserve memories of them for years to come. It’s important to remember that every family member will grieve differently after losing someone close to them and therefore there are many reasons why a family member may feel the need to keep a memory of their loved one alive in the house.

4 subtle ways family members can keep a memory of a deceased family member in their house

These 4 subtle ways are just some suggestions for how memories can be kept alive in your home after losing someone close. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but whatever you choose to do remember that this is all about keeping an important person’s memory alive.

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