What You Need To Know About UV Sterilization

Technology has been advancing faster than ever which enables the increasingly rapid development of civilization. Nowadays, the term technology is usually associated with artificial intelligence, engineering, IT, medicine, and so on. However, how about the idea of using technology to maintain hygiene in the most novel way you have heard about so far? 

UV light sterilization has become a serious topic across different media and is more and more applicable in a plethora of different segments of life.

To that end, check out these facts you need to know about this incredible way of sterilization!

What is UV light?

First of all, the knowledge of UV light and its possibilities is not completely new. For instance, one of the pioneering ventures into this clever way of sterilization was taken back in the second half of the 20th century.

However, it is today that its use has been put on the highest level so far. This is because there are now different ways to use and different products that can be sterilized by means of UV light. For instance, it can be used to sanitize products made of plastic, metal, wood, etc. In that way, for example, you can sterilize your phone, children’s toys, keys, utensils, but also things such as fruit, and other softer materials. This all is possible due to the highly broadened scope of UV light application!

How effective is it?

The first question that arises is how effective UV sterilization is. Especially popular nowadays is the question of whether it can kill viruses? Naturally, people also bring into question the pros and cons of this smart way of disinfection. To answer these questions, let us take a look at some facts that may make it easier for you to understand the UV sterilization trend. For instance, you can quickly sanitize your shoes before entering the house by simply leaving them in a UV sanitizer. Similarly, the HealthySole® PLUS​ sanitizer can effectively kill microorganisms on your pair of shoes. The process is very simple and safe. Moreover, maintaining your shoes or slippers disinfected can greatly prevent the proliferation of germs and pathogens in your house. 

How does it actually work?

The next important question about UV light sterilization technology is its mechanism to kill microorganisms. Its principal way of getting rid of unwanted bacteria is to stop their reproduction by breaking the bonds in terms of their biology, which in effect breaks down their DNA and thus stops their proliferation. This means that in a short period of time they will lose infective agents and stop being alive.

Are there different types of UV light and are all of them equally effective?

UV light is not that simple, and not all its types are equally effective and applicable. Among the different kinds of it, only UVC light can be used to sanitize objects and successfully get rid of bacteria. This is possible because only this type has the optimal wavelength and thus energy and capability to do the job correctly.

Can It Kill Viruses As Well? 

The next important information about UV sterilization is its effectiveness in killing viruses. Some studies have suggested that not only is an adequate UV light capable of killing viruses, but also bacteria and many other microorganisms. On the other hand, the sterilization time may vary depending on the targeted microorganisms, but it however is effective against them.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of It?

As with anything else, there are always advantages and disadvantages, or strong and weak points of a product. 

The first advantage of UV light sanitizers is that they require no chemicals. This makes it a much more cost-effective way to sanitize things and avoid getting in touch with dangerous substances. Likewise, the process will leave no dangerous residue on the subject of sterilization, which is a great advantage to traditional chemical cleaning.

Nevertheless, you should be cautious with the use of UV light. Always make sure you avoid coming in direct contact with the light as it can be harmful to human skin, eyes, etc. Therefore, the UV bulb is usually enclosed in a box so that you don’t come into contact with it while it is active.

It is high time you tried out this amazing way of quick sterilization of almost anything you want, from your cell phone to your shoes! But always make sure you follow the instructions and take all the precautions so that you avoid any unpleasant experience and enjoy the process!

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